The Best Way To Store Shoes In Your Closet


As a self-proclaimed shoe-aholic, I have had to find different ways to store my pairs neatly inside of my minuscule closet. For those of you who are short on space, short on time or just plain old short on ideas, here are a few of the best ways to store your shoes!


If you own a wardrobe, then chances are it already has a built in space for your shoes to go. But on the off chance that it doesn’t or if you’ve already filled the spaces with your pairs and you’re looking for ways to store the others, may I suggest the tried and true plastic tote. These days they come in all various shapes and sizes and you can easily slide them in and out of the bottom of your wardrobe.

On the other hand, if totes are too boring for you or if you just don’t have the room at the bottom of your closet, you could always opt for a hanging shoe rack. These look like plastic dress bags that hang on a hanger in your closet, but have small pockets attached all over it to put your shoes in. You can hang it up with your clothes and store multiple pairs of shoes in it without taking up space at the bottom of your wardrobe.


For those of you who have walk-in closets, the easiest way for you to store your shoes in a trendy fashion is to purchase a shoe cabinet. These cabinets are usually shallow, which make them perfect for storing all types of shoes in a limited space. Plus, the cabinet doors can be shut for a more discreet look. The top of the cabinet can also be used to store other items as well, such as jewelry or perfumes.

However, if you prefer to see your shoes showcased, a book case may be more appealing to your eye. Just like a shoe cabinet, the shelves on most book cases tend to be shallow, which are a perfect platform for your collection. You could even display different pieces of art or books on the shelves along with your shoes to give it a more artistic flare.

If your walk-in closet isn’t large enough for such items, building small shelves on the walls to display your shoes as wall art is another trendy way to store your pairs and showcase them at the same time, while saving space for other closet bound items.

Wall Closets

Almost every college kid across America and anyone living in a small house or apartment has probably had to live with one of these. Wall closets are the smallest type of storage for clothes and shoes and are usually only closed off from other rooms by a curtain or folding doors. So how do you store your pairs in such a small space in an organized fashion?

One way to store your shoes in a small closet would be to add another closet rod toward the bottom, where your shirts and pants end but just before you hit the floor. You can use it to hang your heels off while storing your sneakers and boots underneath.

Short on floor space? Then go vertical! There are plenty or durable vertical metro shoe racks in all shapes and sizes to fit your every shoe and space need. These are a practical and inexpensive solution to your shoe storage problem.

There are plenty of creative ways that you can store your shoes in any type of closet that your dwelling place may have. And hey, even though the most ideal place for your pairs is in the closet with your clothes, don’t forget that there are a lot of other places to store shoes if you can’t possibly fit another thing in your closet. Happy shoe shopping everyone!

Jill Parker is a guest blogger.  Organizing her over abundance of shoes led her to the website for Closet Trends in Tucson, AZ

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