The Zen And Art Of Housework: Arrange Your House, Arrange Your Mind


Carpet care companies are in business because most reasonable Americans want to live in clean and well-maintained places. Unfortunately, there’s only so much an American can get done by hiring a home services company – most American households still have to take on the everyday chores of dish-washing, vacuuming, laundry, and on and on. Of course, most people are busy and overworked so they absolutely hate having to do these mindless, repetitive chores.

Fortunately, you can make a mindless, boring chore into a mindful, beneficial activity that you actually look forward to doing.

An Opportunity for Creativity and Growth

While it may sound far-fetched, the repetitive and “mindless” seeming nature of most chores is actually the perfect opportunity for valuable creativity and deep, introspective thinking. Recent scientific research has been explaining exactly why so many people seem to have great ideas in the shower: the activity is so routine for most people that they are allowed to relax completely and let their mind wander freely.

Just as most people do not have to think too hard on how to lather, scrub, and rinse in the shower, some lucky people learn how to make housework so routine that they enter something of a blissful, meditative state – the best part is that it is actually easier to reach this state of mind than you may expect.

Focusing on the Every Day Tasks

The key is to recognize that all the housework you ever do (or should being doing) can be divided into two broad categories. Most tasks are more regular and may even be required every day or at least every week: laundry, vacuuming, mopping, dish washing, and cooking may all fit into this category. Some tasks can be considered relatively irregular or uncommon like a major paint job, a thorough round of spring cleaning, or a complete overhaul of your home office.

For the everyday category, you should train yourself to make your efforts as routine as possible. This means figuring out the best time of day for that every day activity, and sticking with that time. It also means figuring out the best way to do it, and then sticking with that way. Once you break into a regular routine, you’ll automatically find yourself able to do the task at hand without feeling annoyed at the cyclical nature of the task. The recurrent nature of something like sorting dirty laundry, moving it through the washer and dryer, and then sorting it again before sending it to your closet or drawers will stop bothering you once you make it extremely routine.

Closing Remarks

The only reason that everyday tasks are so annoying to face is because we feel they interrupt our lives – we feel like they interrupt our lives only if we haven’t seriously focused on scheduling them in and mechanizing them the way we do our showers. Once you can accomplish that level of routine with your everyday housework, you’ll find your mind seems to be a more peaceful, happy, and creative place as you go about completing the chores you have to do anyway.

As for the irregular tasks of spring cleaning and the like … well, we haven’t quite figured out how to make them less of a pain. Let us know what you think about solving that dilemma!

Hashir Ali writes for Steamer’s Carpet Care, a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio, Texas. Hashir enjoys finding mediation in the most unlikely of places.



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