Top Story: Top 5 Halloween Costumes For 2013


The summer is almost over and that can mean only one thing; no, not that the nights are drawing but that Halloween is the next big social event. If you are someone who likes to be well prepared for what is surely the most fun holiday of the season then of course you’d like to know just what the coolest costumes are in 2013.

Those lacking in imagination often turn up as a zombie or mummy (or someone who has fallen over in a store cupboard judging by the fact they are covered in toilet roll) but pick one of our five hottest costume tips and you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

V for Vendetta

Rebellion is in the air around the world and the “V” mask has been adopted by those freedom fighters as a symbol for their struggle against oppression.Now, this doesn’t sound like a good source for a costume but the whole outfit of course comes from the graphic novel of the same name and has a particularly striking quality about it.

Make sure you get the full wig, hat and cape to complete the costume.

Monsters Inc.

They’re back! Sulley and Mike are back on the silver screen in Monsters University – their big-budget sequel to the 2001 smash-hit. Both costumes are really easy to put together, and you may even have one lingering in the back of your wardrobe from last time round – just make sure you team it with a letterman jacket to ensure your look is up to date.


Sticking with the movie character theme, this year also saw the return of Superman, inevitably meaning an influx of dodgy “Man of Steel” costumes this Halloween.

The Superman costume is a bit of a cliché so the best thing to do is go for his arch nemesis General Zod, who also features in the film. Replicating his look should be fairly easy, plus you’ll get brownie points for your nerdy reference. Perfect.

Teen Wolf

The iconic 80′s film Teen Wolf has been resurrected thanks to the successful TV series of the same name – and luckily for you it makes a pretty effective Halloween costume. Get yourself a lumberjack shirt and some jeans, tear them up and stuff fake fur in the gaps; then get your hands on the most convincing wolf mask that you can and you have one cool Halloween costume. Easy.

Alan Partridge

A small-screen icon has made it to the big screen and thank heavens, it’s hilarious. So that gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up as Norfolk’s finest and spew catchphrases all night before you settle down in your travel tavern by the motorway. Steve Coogan’s late night radio presenter Alan Partridge is something of a cult hero for fans of the TV series and has always made a good (albeit not that scary) costume,  but now Alan has made the jump to the silver screen it’s time to dust down your beige roll-neck and driving gloves and get involved.

Americans, this one may not be for you but the Brits are going to love it.

Peter South – Party Planner and Writer for Props n Frocks

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