Why We Should All Switch To LED Lighting Technology


Change is a part of life. Right from the television set to a light bulb, almost everything around us is changing constantly. This is the reason why most people feel that the evolution of new technology is dynamic and best for mankind. Unfortunately, when it comes to LED lighting, some cynics in the society have not been very appreciative. Some people are not ready to give up on conventional lighting. While many believe that these lights are just a waste of time, there are others arguing that LED lights are here to stay forever.

So here are the top ten reasons that will tell you exactly why you should choose LED lighting over other options :

Long lasting - While other lighting fixtures give you a warranty of one or two years, LED Lighting will work for around eleven to twelve years (keeping in mind that your average consumption is eight hour per day). They will be working at an average rate of 80000-90000 hours during their lifetime, which is much more as compared to the other lights.

Value for Money – Though the cost of installation is more, it should be kept in mind that these lights work for many years and hence, when compared to the total cost of maintenance of an average conventional form of lighting, their cost is way too less in the long run. In other words, LED lights offer good value for money.

Eco-Friendly – These lights do not contain mercury or lead or any other such toxic substances. As a result, they are beneficial for the sustainability of the environment.

Withstand Extreme Climates – LED Lights are apt for all kinds of climates. They can even work in the most extreme climatic conditions, even if it is too hot or too cold. On the other hand, conventional lights find it difficult to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Less Energy Usage
– All it needs to illuminate an LED light is a low voltage power source. In case you live in a rural place with no or low electricity output, you can harness the power from a solar energy source. This makes LED Lights a must have lighting system.

Shock Proof and Less Prone to Accidents – These lights are shockproof and withstand almost any external force. They can even withstand vibrations from an external impact and hence, they are apt for rugged conditions or external environments where conventional lighting systems are not reliable.

No Wastage of Energy – These lights can be turned on and off in an instant. This signifies there is absolutely no energy wastage and frequent switching ensures that you experience a hassle free system.

No Flickering or Power Interruptions – The depreciation rate for LED Lights is extremely low when compared to other lighting systems. This means there will be no flickering or power interruptions.

Versatility – LED lights can be easily used for different purposes. LED lights can be focused towards a specific location or dispersed evenly across the place depending upon your requirement.

No Harmful Radiations – No UV emission is experienced while using the LED Lights. As a result, LED lights don’t harm your skin or other products susceptible to such emissions.

Considering the above mentioned points, one can very well say that the LED Lights are much better than conventional lighting systems. They not only save your money, but also balance energy consumption. They are also environment-friendly. Go for it now and experience the change!

Joseph is a passionate blogger and works as a supplier of led lighting towers. He loves writing articles about new technologies.

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