Food Festivals Across America

America is known for its unique blends of food and culture. After all, what you may experience at a barbeque in Louisiana will be completely different than a larger-than-life pizza that you order in Chicago. One of the best opportunities to try new foods is at food festivals in varying states across the country. These festivals give you insight into traditional meals that everyone loves, and new foods that are hoping to become popular in the community. Here is a list of some of the top food festivals in America and what makes them worth visiting.

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival
One of the more unique festivals in America, the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival is just as enjoyable as any other on this list. In case the name didn’t give it away, this festival brings together some of the most unique local cheese options that you can imagine. But not just cheese on a stick, you can expect a variety of cheesy concoctions that you’ve probably never considered before. The best part may be the fact that they serve wine as well, which only makes since considering how well the two go together.

Taste Of Dallas
The Lone Star State obviously makes this list with the Taste of Dallas. Year in and year out, this event repeats continual success with the showing that they have with vendors, sponsors and participants. Texas is known for the variety of food options that they offer from around the state, and they all come together during the Taste of Dallas to show off their meals. If you are considering visiting the Taste of Dallas, you can get there by renting a car. That way, after the festival you can easily get around to other places you’d like to check out in Texas.

Taste Of Chicago
In one of the biggest cities in America, it’s no surprise that Chicago offers one of the best food festivals you can find. The festival touts that it has over 300 local vendors and restaurants that bring their unique tastes for the public to try out and fall in love with. And being the popular city that it is, the Taste of Chicago also offers a variety of popular music performances that you won’t find at smaller festivals. In the past, Robin Thicke, Jill Scott and more have performed at the festival. The Taste Of Chicago typically runs in mid-July, for a Thursday to Sunday stretch.

Leave it to New York City to have an event with such a unique name. But there are hardly any better terms than Smorgasburg to explain the smorgasbord of food options that you’ll find at this festival. With over 100 vendors, you can sample anything from slushies, to Asian-inspired hot dogs, and anything else you can imagine. Smorgasburg runs from April to November, on Saturdays only in Brooklyn.

Taste Of Colorado
The Taste of Colorado is a free event that is held in Downtown Denver’s City Park area during Labor Day weekend. The taste of Colorado is one of the best events to attend, as it offers unique mountain-inspired foods that you won’t find elsewhere in the country. Whether its Rocky Mountain Oysters, or craft beer from any of the microbreweries in town, you are sure to find something that whets your appetite. As the popularity of the Taste Of Colorado grows, so does the entertainment options and value that comes with the festival.

Maine Lobster Festival
What better way to start this list than with over 20,000 pounds of lobster? That’s what you can expect to see at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine. Visitors to the festival can also take part in the Lobster Crate Race that is pure fun for people of all ages. The rest of the festival includes lobster served with a variety of flavors, sauces and cooking styles. This festival is great for the entire family and runs from late July into early August.

Best In The West Nugget Rib Cook Off
Meat-lovers unite at this cook-off in Sparks, Nevada. Held at near the end of the summer, there is no better way to soak in the rays and enjoy meat, beer and music than at the Best In The West Nugget Rib Cook Off. The best part is, all of the vendors are looking to show off their meat, so you can expect to eat nothing but the best during this festival.

If you love food, you are in luck with all of these festivals. Whether itds meat, cheese, wine or all of the above, you can find these options at these festivals. And with great local music selection, it’ll be an event you can make an entire weekend out of.

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-Brandon’s a travel writer with Advantage

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