Blogging On The Go



It may sound strange to say this, but the time when bloggers need to be at their PCs or workstations may be coming to an end. Of course, people still use their computers in their daily lives, but it can be argued that they are more likely to use tablets and smartphones to update their blogs and keep tabs on their social media sites. While writing out a thousand-word blog post using a touchscreen or a phone’s tiny keypad is probably more trouble than it’s worth, writing short entries or updating Twitter or Facebook on a smartphone or a tablet is a very simple matter. In fact, many people prefer using mobile devices for blogging on the go. It can be done from practically anywhere without the need to sit down at a computer.

Blogging is really a simple matter, much simpler than many believe it to be. Anybody can do it, but it becomes much easier if they have the correct apps. If you enjoy blogging on the go, here are some apps that you should consider.


WordPress is arguably the best site on the Internet for blogging. It is endlessly customizable, user-friendly and easy for visitors to navigate. Naturally, has its own mobile app that allows for blogging from smartphones and tablets, and like its non-mobile counterpart, it’s one of the best blogging apps out there. Check it out if you want a convenient way to blog on the go.


Blogger from Google is a great no-frills free blogging service, and those with a Blogger account can access it through a mobile app. This one is best for posting shorter, simpler articles, and its design makes it very easy to use.


BlogPost allows users to manage both Blogger and WordPress accounts along with Livejournal, Flickr, YouTube, and other blogging and social media accounts, making it one of the most convenient solutions for blogging on the go.


Tumblr is a minimalist microblogging site that has gained a huge following over the last couple of years, a following that may grow even more now that it’s owned by Yahoo. Naturally, it has its own mobile service that allows for easy updates and viewing of other user’s Tumblrs. Tumblr is easy to view, easy to blog for, and overall lots of fun for bloggers and visitors.


Writer is a different type of blogging app from the others on this list. While the other apps allow for posting articles and updates, Writer is focused entirely on writing. It’s the perfect app if you don’t have an Internet connection or a computer yet want to write something while it’s fresh in your mind. Simply write the blog post you wish to write and save it so you can post it later. It may not sound like much, but people seem to have forgotten exactly how useful writing can be even when you can’t update a blog.

Technically, blogging from a tablet or smartphone isn’t an ideal situation. Simply put, the devices weren’t intended for writing long documents, which is why “old fashioned” desktops and laptops probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. However, plenty of people still like posting short articles from their phones on a whim, and these apps definitely make that possible.

This article was provided by Mike Gordon, recent business graduate and frequent blogger-on-the-go.

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