Exercise Without Leaving Your Bed


Very few people automatically start thinking about exercise from when they first open their eyes, with most people hating getting out of bed in the morning for any reason whatsoever. It might sound strange, but that time you waste lying in bed in the morning listening to your alarm clock blare could be better spent—by exercising.

Simply put, there are plenty of exercises (especially muscles stretches) that you can do right from the comfort of your own bed—which day by day will accumulate to make a big difference in your health and physique. Whether you work in a little yoga with a cobra pose or

It is a great way to wake you up and get your day started

If you are lacking a morning routine, then perhaps the best thing to get you up and going in the morning is a little exercise. By powering up and getting your heartbeat up, you will find yourself more awake and alert than if you simply drag yourself out of bed and fall back asleep into a bowl of cereal. The mornings—frighteningly—can be a productive time if you are actually awake and alert enough to appreciate it. If you get motivated early on, you can run errands and do chores before your do truly begins and you need to go to work—leaving your evenings completely free and clear for fun.

It is helpful for the home bound or those with limited mobility

If your have an illness or injury that limits your mobility, then getting out and about in itself can be a challenge—never mind actually going to the gym. In such cases, your bed can be the perfect workout area as it is soft but firm, and provides a good space upon which you can do some stretches and give your muscles a little workout. If you do suffer from a serious condition however, do not change your exercise routine without consulting a doctor beforehand. A medical professional will likely have a better idea of what your body is capable of, and will be able to recommend areas you can work on.

It is a great time saver

If you are going to spend 10 minutes fighting getting out of bed in the morning, you might as well be doing something useful while you are at it. Mixing procrastination with exercise might not sound like the most logical of combinations, but it can actually be one that works.  For the truly lazy, it also the time you would spend having an extra post-workout shower, since now your normal morning one can pull double duty.

It gives your metabolism (and your motivation) a boost

The ‘m’ word is possibly the most abused in all of physical and sports science, but a study out of The Journal of Physiology picked up by the New York Times noted that exercising early in the morning (most crucially before breakfast) gives ‘beneficial metabolic adaptations’. There is also another crucial ‘m’ word that factors in: motivation. Studies show that those who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to their routines than those who workout out at night (and also don’t suffer from side-effects like insomnia). Early morning exercise straight from your bed therefore is a win-win situation.

It can function as a pre-workout

Obviously you cannot complete any and all exercises from under your duvet, so one way you can use your bed to further your workout routine is to use it as a pre-workout warmup. Stretching in bed (if done properly) can save you time stretching at the gym and let you hop right on your preferred exercise equipment already warmed-up. If you struggle to work in a gym session in the morning, this can be a crucial time saver.

Kate Simmons is a health and fitness writer and blogger – keep an eye out for more of her informative articles on various outlets!


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