The World’s Weirdest Weddings


Weddings used to be all about traditional white dresses, boozy cake and serious ceremonies, but these days anything goes! If you’re looking for inspiration to make your big day a little more ‘out there’ then take a look at these weird weddings from around the world.

The Naked Wedding

Bold as brass couple Phil Hendicott and Ellie Barton decided to use their special day to show off their best assets and got married in their birthday suits, in front of 250 non-naked guests! To stop granny’s eyes from popping out, Ellie had a white lace G string painted onto her body for a touch of modesty.

The Bungee Wedding

Brave beaus Sandra and Jeroen Kippers and their 20 guests enjoyed nuptials 160ft in the air. The wedding party were craned up on a giant platform and instead of a traditional kiss, the couple bungee jumped off after saying I do. Talk about taking the plunge!

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The World Record Wedding

One bride to be made sure her dress really stood out by adding a record breaking 600ft train weighing in at more than 200lbs. The bride and groom, from Guangzhou, China, needed all their guests as well as their bridesmaids to help hold the train up for photo ops.

The Shopaholic Wedding

One Michigan bride couldn’t decide which she loved more – her husband or designer shoes, so they got hitched in the shoe isle of designer discount store TJ Maxx. The bride wore traditional white but gave a nod to her passion for shoes with unique green gladiator style wedding sandals.

The Rose Wedding

99,999 problems but a rose ain’t one! Romantic Xiao Wang blew a year’s wages to decorate everything in sight with roses, giving his bride an unforgettable wedding day surprise. The gift was a community effort as droves of internet volunteers signed up to decorate their cars with roses and help transport the almost 100,000 flowers to the ceremony.

The Shark Tank Wedding

Love bites, but luckily not for this couple who got married inside a shark tank. The couple, who were married in black and white wetsuits, were protected by a cage as they made their vows surrounded by deadly beasts. Luckily, guests listened to them make their vows over a radio mic and didn’t have to bring their swimsuits!

The Bicycle Wedding

One pair who can’t get enough of two wheels got married on bikes as they rode around their home town in Russia, accompanied by more than 50 cycling guests and a cycling officiant. The couple became celebrities in Russia when their unusual ceremony made the national news and sparked a trend for unique weddings throughout the country.

The Bridesmaids Wedding

One way to make sure your ceremony sticks in the memory banks is to break a record with your bridesmaids. Ohio dance school owner Jill Stapleton decided to bust the record for the most bridesmaids by enlisting 110 of them to assist with her nuptials. Where did she find so many willing volunteers? She asked the students of her dance school to play along and they willingly obliged – luckily, they also chose and paid for their own bridesmaid dresses.

Karen Court has seen it all when it comes to weddings as she is a wedding photographer and blogger for Simon Carr Photography-professional wedding photographers for London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk.

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