Who’s On Your Celebrity Freebie List?

Chandler from friends with the freebie listHave you heard of the ‘freebie list’? The chances are that unless you live under a rock, you probably have. The concept of the celebrity sex list was made famous in an episode of Friends, when Chandler explains ‘the deal’ between him and then girlfriend Janice:

‘We each get to pick five celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can’t get mad.’

That was way back in 1996 and today the idea of the freebie list is so famous, it’s even made it into the Urban Dictionary!

A new survey carried out by one of the country’s top marital affair websites has discovered which celebs Australians would most like to put on their freebie list and caused a stir in the process.

The site, owned by the controversial ‘King of Infidelity’ Noel Biderman, due to visit Australia this month, surveyed more than 10,000 Aussie men and  women to find out the country’s most desirable celebrity crushes, sparking a debate about the morality of the survey and of marital affair site in general. Here are the results:

The Men’s Wish List

Model and TV presenter Charlotte Hawkins came top of the tree, receiving 25% of the male vote whilst sultry actress, model and brand ambassador Megan Gale came a close second with 17%. International supermodel Elle MacPherson proves she’s still got what it takes with 15% and actress Miranda Kerr received 10% of the vote, pretty amazing when she doesn’t actually appear to be in any movies, ever!

7% of the men questioned want to wake up next to breakfast TV presenter Melissa Doyle, whilst Home and Away hottie Bec Cartwright and Hollywood A lister Naomi Watts received 6% each – both actresses happen to be weir pigs (see Kevin Bacon) – coincidence? Next on the list are Hollywood starlet Abbie Cornish and HeadLand actress Racheal Taylor with 5%. Last but by no means least is Radha Mitchell with 4% of the vote.

The Women’s Wish List

No surprises here, Hunky Hugh Jackman knocked the competition out of the water with 24% of the female vote whilst the 15% share received by Simon Baker proves that the ladies love a Mentalist. They like him in blue, they like him in pink, sexy Sam Worthington received 14% with DILF television god Richard Wilkins following close behind with 9%. Chicks can’t resist getting their mouths around Ryan Kwanten’s weird surname – he received 8% of the vote.

He’s Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North and General of the Felix Legions, and 7% of the women surveyed want Russell Crowe to be the commander of their Felix legions too. He shares 8th place in the survey with Eric Bana who made all the girls wish they could ‘go green’ when he played the Hulk in 2003. Super springy sprint swimmer and constant wearer of Speedos Eamon Sullivan shares 6% of the vote with ex Power Ranger and hypnotically eyed actor Firass Dirani. Sweet as a nut tennis ace Mark Philippoussis just makes it onto the list with 4%, proving once and for all than nice guys really do finish last.

The survey and its findings were carried out by one of the countries leading adult dating websites, the survey itself covered may more aspects and will be released in due time, stay tuned!


Michelle Jones is a celebrity blogger who writes for some of the worlds most read blogs. She covers topics such as fashion, relationships and celebrities to name but a few.


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