Study Says: An Active Sex Life Can Help You Make More Money


The Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany has released a report according to which, people who indulge in sex at least four times in a week, make more money. It further adds that sexually active people out earn their colleagues and subordinates by about 5 percent.

What was the study all about?

7,500 Greek households were part of the study that was carried out for a year. Through a designed questionnaire, the participants were asked about how many times they indulge in lovemaking in a week, their employment status, the wages they earn, the number of hours they work in a week, their sexual orientation, religion they follow, and if they suffered from any health issues.

Findings of the study

Nick Drydakis, who is the author of the study, came up with the following findings:

  • People who have sex only once in a week earn 3.2 percent less than those who have sex with their partner four times a week.
  • There is a strong link between sexual activity and wages among employees in the age group of 25-50.
  • Higher wages can make people lead more sexually active lives. For e.g. people who earn more are able to present gifts to their partner, and this increases their value in the dating market.
  • Indulging in frequent sex does not mean that you will get a pay increase, but indirectly, it can help in earning large sums of money. How? Sexually active people seem to be happier, have better reasoning power, and thus excel in the workplace. This eventually helps them in getting a raise.
  • People, who indulge in sex only once a week, often suffer from the feelings of depression and loneliness. All this adversely hampers their work life and eventually the pay increase chances.
  • Personality traits also play a crucial role in pay increase. Extrovert people are likely to get higher wages.
  • Type of job, sexual orientation, or religion does not influence the link between wages and sex life.

What the previous studies say?

Previous studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between a person’s health and wages. People, who suffer from depression and other health issues, do not perform to their full ability and thus, tend to earn less.

Other benefits of an active sex life

The action between the sheets is more than just simple pleasure. As already discussed, an active sex life can increase your bank balance. However, there is more in store. Let us discuss the other benefits:

  • More Sex, less stress: Regular lovemaking sessions in bed help in releasing natural feel-good hormones, endorphins. Sex, therefore de-stresses you and keeps you fit.
  • Makes you desirable: The more active your sex life, the more attractive you become for the opposite sex.
  • Cuts down stroke risks: Sex improves the blood flow and increases the heart rate, thus reducing the risk for stroke.
  • You look younger: For women, indulging in regular sex will boost the estrogen levels, thus making their skin supple and soft.
  • Enjoy better sleep: Sleep after lovemaking, is more relaxed and sound. This is due to the release of cuddle hormone, oxytocin.

Although, there are many benefits of active sex life, but practice it safely.


Jenifer Hull is a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She has written many articles on health, beauty and general well-being. Helly is currently associated with


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