Shoes With Pop Star Style! From One Direction To Vivienne Westwood


If you’re looking to buy some cool new shoes then you could do a lot worse than look to pop stars for inspiration! There are so many amazing brands out there and if you’ve seen some you love and they just happen to be on the feet of Katy Perry or Harry Styles, then so much the better!

Buying the same clothes or shoes as pop stars is sensible! After all, most famous pop stars employ the best stylists around so if they’ve decided that a certain brand is cool then they probably are! Some of the best are listed here and if you’re looking for some great-shoe guidance then read on!

Superga: As worn by the so-cool-it-hurts Alexa Chung and also by equally cool but more approachable Fearne Cotton these casual trainers are being hailed as the new Converse! Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen but they are certainly a stylish shoe! They come in a range of pretty colors and with a signature thick, white sole…they look great with jeans and with dresses a-la Alexa! They’re also a very affordable trend and come in at less than many other designer style trainers so you might even be able to choose a few pairs so that you can mix and match your outfits with your Supergas!

Melissa: The Mellissa range are the coolest shoes to hit the high street in some time; plastic and fantastic they come in a range of mad colors and  with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh on board, it’s not a surprise to see stars such as Cara Delevingne sporting them! The Melissa ranges are brilliant for dressing up or dressing down because they come in a very wide variety of styles from the highest and most dramatic of heels to the most comfortable flats imaginable! Many of the designs have bold geometric shapes and patterns integral to them and they’re so now it’s ridiculous!  Because they’re all made of plastic, you know that they are friendly to animals and are the perfect choice for vegans!

Converse and Toms: These casual and cool shoes are well known faves of 1Direction and also Britney Spears… she loves her Converse trainers! Both brands are affordable and have regular new season releases as well as limited and special editions so you don’t have to be a sheep! Keep your eyes open for special designs which may not be on the shelf for long! Toms are particularly great at releasing very “now” patterns with their new seasonal lines and their autumn range this year is especially gorgeous!

No matter what your style and no matter how confident you are, it’s always good to know that you’re sporting the same footwear as the rich and famous! Have the confidence to choose the styles you love no matter whether they’re in fashion or not…that’s how trends are set! Keep your eyes on the stars for inspiration but go with your own style at the end of the day!


Charlie Adams is a lover of fashion and clothing and has written about the subject for a number of years. He loves looking and feeling great.

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