How The Rich And Famous Play Bingo


We may never know who the best bingo players in the world are, even though each and every day many thousands of people are raking in large bingo jackpots at bingo halls, casinos and even online. The reason we don’t know who some of the best of them are is because many times they don’t tell their stories and their successes stay local.

Online bingo sites are somewhat different in that big winners are invited to talk about how their winnings have proven to be life altering. Such stories can be quite inspirational.

Such players can also be thrust into the limelight for a day, a week, or a month as they tell their fans about their tips for winning big.  You might not believe some of the stories we have heard, such as the woman, whose name is still unknown, won more than £93,000 after putting down just 20p online.

On the other hand, we can easily ID some of the rich and famous celebs who love to play the game, for fun more than profit, although that doesn’t keep them from winning big sometimes!

Famous Players

A regular player of online bingo is model Katie Price, who besides being known for sexy glamour shots, is known as a mother of three. In March of 2012 she was named Celebrity Mum of the Year by Foxy Bingo, an honor that she had won before, in 2007.

Denise van Outen, an Englishactress, singer and TV presenter, is often spotted by celebrity hunters players bingo near her Essex home. She has been able to convince some of her co-stars to attend a few sessions.

Singer Robbie Williams is always mentioned whenever the subject of celebrities and bingo crops up. He likes to attend private bingo parties and plays at some of the trendy clubs in London that offer games. Not too long ago he entered a charity bingo contest and won a leopard skin handbag. In 2007 he was the celebrity host of Legendary Bingo, a charity event in Los Angeles. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Courtney Cox, Tory Spelling and Paris Hilton, who occasionally take turns at ball-callers, as well as players.

International film star Russell Crowe used to be a non-celebrity bingo caller in his native Australia before his film career went into the stratosphere. He was fired for (and this is a big surprise where Crowe is concerned), saying something inappropriate while calling the game! Although he was sacked, he hasn’t held that against the game and still likes to play for relaxation.

Even Royals

Before he married and became a proud daddy of an heir to the throne, Prince William liked to drop in on surprised players at bingo halls near Sandhurst Academy, where he attended. He probably needed the relaxation after being run through the wringer at the military academy. Queen Elizabeth II is also said to enjoy the game, although as far as we know she has never visited a bingo hall.

British comic Vic Reeves is a well known bingo fan, and even put on women’s clothing to appear in an ad for 888 Ladies when he was named the new face of that website.

Actor and activist Ricky Tomlinson recorded a single entitled Bingo Song that was dedicated to all of the bingo fans the world over. He is also featured in the DVD Celebrity Bingo, which demonstrates a variety of ways to play the game.

Celebrities who have endorsed bingo sites over the years include Barbara Windsor, Jim Bowen, Katie Price and Sharon Osbourne. The latter’s appearance in several bingo commercials certainly puts down the old saw that only the elderly like the game.

Sports figures such as David Wheater of the Middlesbrough football team, also enjoys playing bingo with his girlfriend, Stacey, at their hometown of Redcar.

President Obama’s stepmother Kezia Obama is a committed online bingo fan. During the election people the world over played Obama Bingo, where they were hoping that the candidate would say certain words that appeared on their bingo cards. Just remember that the next time you go to a local bingo hall, you just could run into a celebrity!

Mike the bingo bloke here! I’m a UK bingo fanatic and I’m happy to bring you guys the scoop on everything bingo! Enjoy the articles :)

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