Unexpected Ways To Get Over A Break Up


Breaking up is hard to do. When recovering from a break up, it can sometimes be challenging when we lose someone that we love. The thought of moving forward without them can be painful. But taking a more mindful approach to your break up will help you recovery much faster.

These tips can help you mend the broken heart and improve your life overall.

Pack up

Going on a vacation or taking a trip with yourself is a wonderful way to regroup. It can help you reconnect with what brings you joy and tap into your hearts desire. If you have always wanted to go on a trip, you should book that ticket and make it a priority. Experts suggest putting yourself first is a mandatory to help you through a breakup. Taking a trip can allow your to do that. Taking a trip will put you in new surroundings, which will help you put yourself first.It will allow you to work on being out of your comfort zone, plus this distraction of a new culture could keep you pre-occupied from thinking about your past relationship.


Keeping a journal can help you think deeper about your thoughts and balance what has happened to you. You can process your emotions on a deeper level when you write them out. Pick a time to journal, as it can help to make a schedule time each day to write. Give yourself permission to create a serene environment by lighting candles and playing soft music, this will help you reflect on your writing much deeper. You may even discover things you didn’t realize and it can help with the grieving process.

Rebuild yourself

Take time to think about what is really important to you in life. Maybe you have always wanted to participate in large sporting events so you can start to train for a marathon. Or maybe you want to learn a new language or possibly start creating new paintings, give yourself time to fall in love with yourself and do activities that you find joyful. This will be the most important aspect of caring for yourself through the troubled time of a break-up.

Take care of your health

It is important, now more than ever to put yourself first. In relationships, people sometimes sacrifice themselves and don’t get their needs meet. Now that you are single, give yourself permission to put yourself first.

Caring for yourself is more than just eating healthy and exercising, of course this is very valuable for your health, but during a life transition, thinks about every aspect of your health. Your oral health is about your entire body and outlook on life. Including your teeth and smile. It is important because your smile is a reflection of how you feel, even if you don’t feel happy you can certainly brighten your smile by doing small changes. Teeth whitening is an option for you, this can help boost your confidence and give you a healthy glow.

Having writer teeth can often give you more confidence and you will feel better naturally.

Shannon Kaiser has a list of things to do after a break up and these are her top tips. She was surprised that her dentist, a dentist in Newberg Oregon told her to whiten her smile, but it really helped her feel more confident.

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