Turning Home Videos Into Your Favorite Movies


Remember those stacks of home videos you have lying somewhere in your basement or storage? They may be on VHS, Betamax, MiniDV, Video8 or one of several other video formats. Perhaps you haven’t thought about them since your last move. But, they are probably important to you, as they contain many precious memories.

Most people rarely, if ever, pull out home videos because nobody wants to watch hours of the baby doing nothing, just to catch that one funny thing he did that one time. You might have a collection of short clips from the last twenty to thirty years of your kids growing up but haven’t found a way to index them for easy reference. Additionally, with the easy access of video recording devices on phones, laptops and tablets, we are collecting more video now than ever.

You don’t need to leave that pile of videos to collect dust anymore. The ease of today’s video editing and audio production software makes it simple for you to turn your home videos into your family’s favorite films.

Video Editing Software

Many video editing software programs and apps allow you to import your videos from a variety of formats including MPEG, QuickTime, WMV, and AVCHD. If you are editing your old videos, there are a few ways to convert those to digital. You can buy software to do this yourself, or you can take your videos to a local business that performs this service. If you plan to convert and edit a number of videos, it might be worth the investment to buy your own software.

Once you have imported your home videos, you can begin to edit them. Here are some tips you might consider to make your home videos more interesting:

-Trim and split clips to isolate the best parts
-Use transitions to join the clips
-Adjust lighting and color
-Stabilize the frame
-Add titles and text
-Superimpose other related clips
-Add some special effects
-Include background music
-Insert slideshows using photos of the same subject

Audio Production Software

You can be even more creative using audio production software. There are programs now that make it easy for you to record and edit your own sounds. Here are some ways you can use audio to personalize your home videos:

-Use a recording of your child’s piano playing as background music to photos and other video clips
-Personalize a slide show of old family photos by having a grandparent narrate the pictures
-Pull the audio from one home video to use in another such as your wedding vows in an anniversary party video
-Record your child’s band practice to use as background music
-Overlay footage of baby’s milestones with a recording of mom or dad reading journal entries or sharing thoughts about these moments.

Integrated audio and video production software makes it easy to work across multiple platforms and can help you create treasures from your home videos.

Your Memories on DVD

After you have finished editing your home videos, you will be able to enjoy them on digital devices and on DVD. If maintained in a protective case, the video and sound will remain high quality every time you view it. You can add a menu and chapters for easy reference when you need to find “that one time the baby did that one thing.” You can also share your now entertaining home videos easily with family and friends using social media sites.

Your videotapes are deteriorating over time. Get started preserving your memories today by creating great movies from your home video clips.

Jared Jaureguy is an independent Technology Consultant. You can follow Jared on Twitter @JaredJaureguy.

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