Top Story: Simon Cowell Buys A $25,000 Diamond Bracelet For Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell and Lauren SilvermanIt was reported that Simon Cowell, the X-Factor judge known for his brutally honest commentary, sent quite an extravagant gift to his married girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. What started as a rumor has now been revealed to be true. After learning that Lauren was pregnant with his child, Simon immediately purchased and sent her an eternity bracelet. It is made completely of white gold and diamonds and set him back $25,000. Lauren, who is currently going through a divorce from her husband, a casino-owner, told her friends that she was “overwhelmed” by his “gorgeous gift.”

Simon Cowell, Professional Bachelor

This could be considered strange behavior for a man who doesn’t believe in commitment or having children. Why the change of heart? Before Simon’s fling with best friend’s wife, he had mentioned on several interviews that he doesn’t want to have children. In a 2009 interview Cowell said, “God, no. I couldn’t have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls, I’d go nuts… with kids, you’ve got a routine you can’t escape from. You’ve got to be up at a certain time, got to listen, when all you want to do is sit in a corner thinking.” Simon’s fear of commitment is also apparent. With his trail of ex-girlfriends and broken proposals, he seems to be the lifelong bachelor type.

The Other (Baby) Shoe Drops

It was reported that when Simon initially found out about Lauren’s pregnancy, he felt shocked and betrayed. He said that he assumed that Lauren was on some kind of birth control. The bracelet, however, seems to be a step in the right direction. A friend of Lauren’s said, “[The gift] was a sign of his commitment to her and the baby.”

While Lauren’s friends seem supportive, some of Simon’s friends are vocal about their distaste for Lauren. “She has a thing for rich, powerful men,” said one friend. “She knows having Simon’s baby will mean he will always be in her life and he is a very wealthy and generous man.”

Lauren’s now ex-husband filed for divorce on July 15 right after finding out about her infidelity and pregnancy. What started out as quite a messy situation was finally settled somewhat amicably. Believe it or not, the reason the chaotic divorce sea turned calm was because Cowell had a private meeting with the estranged husband, Silverman, to discuss it. According to sources for Daily News, the settlement involves joint custody of the Silvermans’ 7-year-old son and a hefty payment.

Expensive Jewelry + Simon Cowell = Fear of Commitment?

So what’s next for the unlikely couple? Could this eternity bracelet be a sign that Simon wants Lauren for eternity? Could Simon’s next surprise gift to Lauren be a diamond engagement ring? For now, it’s too soon to tell. With Lauren’s divorce just settled and her belly growing, this is only the beginning of the couple’s journey. The gift, however, could be taken as a sign that Cowell is in it for the long run. It’s expensive enough to be considered an investment and, perhaps, it is.

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