How To Create The Perfect Urban Image

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Perfecting the Urban image can often prove extremely difficult and can often result in embarrassment and social decline. With the rise of the “hipster” and the decline of the indie image, many guys have been left in a state of flux. They don’t really know where to go with their image and what was once deemed cool in the past is no longer.

It is important for these men to stick with what they feel comfortable wearing regardless of the social status of it. You must ensure however that you add a cool and innovative slant to your outfit choices. This article will provide three ways to create the perfect, modern urban image.

I will give you ways that you can separate yourself from the hipster and ensure that your look is the one people are aspiring to. Be individual and unique, I will now try and pass on the best ways to refine and perfect your existing image.


Being an individual is something to be proud of and the same applies with the way you dress yourself. In the modern era being “cool” and dressing that way is very important socially and frighteningly can get you pretty far in life. The image you have precedes your personality and often gets you of to a good start in job interviews and conversations.

When dressing yourself you have got to put your own slant on whatever outfit you have on and this especially applies to the urban image. In London let’s say the competition for the “coolest” outfit and image is very fierce and is the founding place for the hipster image that now dominates male fashion.

I am advising you to stay away from this and create your own style, that suits your personality and look. If you are into wearing suits and smart shoes then do it, obviously not on a night out (well in fact maybe), be comfortable and confident with what you like.

Sites such as J-bees offer great urban clothing that often isn’t available in the shops and can give you the edge you need over your social competition.


It is important to innovate, select a style you like then adapt it. If you want to wear odd shoes, wear odd shoes – there are no boundaries. If you believe it looks cool then go for it, I guarantee people will respect you (eventually) and most importantly if you like the way you look then perfect.

Nothing frustrates me more than the hipster image of short back and sides and huge quiff coupled with a snap back and jeans that are two sizes too small. It was cool originally but now it’s awkward to look at and I just think it must be so uncomfortable to walk.


If you are looking to perfect the urban image you have got to have confidence and let it ooze out as you walk around. If you believe in your outfit and the image you are creating then I guarantee everyone else will as well, don’t be arrogant but have pride in the image you are portraying.

Andrew is an author with over 10 years industry experience. He loves to write about music and the changing face of fashion in the UK

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