Faces of Celebrity Fashion Endorsements


Nothing sells a product more effectively than a celebrity standing up and saying they use it. Celebrity endorsements have become one of the top ways for companies to promote their products and it is now a tried and tested way to sell clothing in particular. Fashion brands have opted for celebrities to model their clothes over unknown models for years now and many will pay top dollar to get the flavor of the month in their campaigns. Here are five examples of brands that have used celebrity endorsements and the success (or disasters!) they have brought the company.


For someone who can afford the priciest clothing out there, it may seem odd to see footballing superstar David Beckham as the face of high street chain H&M and my, does he shift stock. In 2012 he modeled a range if men’s underwear and it became extremely successful and profitable for the brand. However, H&M are no strangers to celebrity endorsements with Madonna, pop princess Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Ray all recently modelling for the brands. All collaborations were very successful for both the celebrity and the chain with boosted sales for H&M and a pocket full of cash and exposure for the celebs.

What could go wrong when high fashion brand Chanel chose top model Kate Moss to model their collections in 2004/5? You would think it was a match made in heaven, until Kate was filmed snorting cocaine off a table top by an undercover tabloid report who promptly sold the video to the media. At the time it was a huge scandal and she was the last person that classic, chic and more importantly, untarnished brand Chanel wanted to be involved in. They promptly dropped her but she lost millions due to terminated contracts. However, she earned a staggering £12 million last year and so her troubles have obviously not affected her too much.

Louis Vuitton

High fashion accessory brand Louis Vuitton does celeb endorsements well. They have had a myriad of famous faces in the past, from supermodel Naomi Campbell to actress Uma Thurman and singer Kanye West. They only ever choose celebrities who are considered A-list and are seen at the most exclusive parties in London and the Hollywood Hills. Before 2009 it was only models and singers who graced the billboards advertising LV, however, in the last few years the brand have opted for many other famous faces who have not all made their names from the arts. Athletes, astronauts and even ballet dancers have made the cut.

River Island

British brand River Island decided to collaborate with Rihanna for Spring/Summer 2013 and out came the singers very own collection for the brand called Rihanna for River Island. With Rihanna such a pop icon in today’s world, no doubt women of all ages will be flocking to the store. In the past River Island haven’t been big on celeb endorsements, preferring to stick with unknown models and their own lines only and with Rihanna rumored to be receiving millions for this deal, they are sure to want their money’s worth.


Gap have taken many celebrity faces on board, notably Sarah Jessica Parker in 2005 at the height of her Sex and the City fame. However her high profile didn’t pay off, customers didn’t connect with her high fashion couture image portrayed on the silver screen and felt it didn’t quite connect with the everyday clothing Gap actually offers. Joss Stone and Keith Urban later filled her endorsement deal with more success.

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