The Silliest Gift Giving Mistakes Men Make


It may be unfair to say that men are terrible at picking out presents for their significant others, however many men do fall into the same traps time and again. Whether it is a gift that gives the wrong idea and upsets the woman, or simply something that isn’t thoughtful enough, many guys find themselves firmly in the dog house after a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift that they felt sure was going to impress their lady. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by men when it comes to buying presents for women:

Clothes or Lingerie

Unless you are a fashion designer or have been married to your woman for years, don’t even try and guess what size she is. She doesn’t want you to. If you guess too big, she’ll think you think she is fat. If you guess too small, she will be embarrassed that the clothes don’t fit her. If you guess just right, she’ll be concerned because she has been lying about being two sizes smaller. Worse than guessing is actually looking at the labels in her clothes to find out her size. Even the most body confident women regard this as private information, so checking out her labels is as bad as going through her emails! Couples who have been together for a long time can get away with buying clothing as gifts, but this means ‘silver anniversary’ type of relationships, not even someone you have been with for two years. In addition to the sizing issue, there is always the question of taste, so unless it is something she has specifically asked you for, give the clothing and underwear area a wide berth!

Practical Gifts

There is an old, wise saying that you should never buy a woman something with a plug on it. While this isn’t always true, she may appreciate a new iPod, a games console or even some new hair straighteners, what it means is that she doesn’t want you to buy her something too practical. Hoovers, blenders, bread makers, and anything else that relates to housework or cooking (unless that is a big hobby of hers and you’ve thoughtfully chosen some hi tech chef equipment) will not go down well. Buy something she would not necessarily buy for herself because she needed it, but which she would love to own.

Jewelry Misunderstandings

It has happened on many a sitcom, but men do keep on doing it! Never buy your girlfriend a diamond ring (that’s the popular one at our site unless you are already married or you are intending it as a proposal. Lots of girls have been delighted to find a ring box as a gift (or not so delighted if they wouldn’t be too happy with a proposal from the giver), only to find it is simply a normal gift of jewelry, and not a marriage offer. This is embarrassing for everyone involved, so stay away from rings, or anything that comes in a box that looks like it might have a ring in it (if you buy earrings, get a larger gift box).

Today’s guest author, Nolan Grey, is an employee at Diamonds on Web, which offers diamond stud earrings and other accessorizes via an online medium. Whenever he is inspired, he enjoys creating graffiti wall art.

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One thought on “The Silliest Gift Giving Mistakes Men Make

  1. This is a great article! A little shameless self promoting advice..guys..present her gifts in a Corky Kouture…simply add her favorite bottle of champagne, wine or non alcoholic beverage and a gift card, jewelry,’s a fun, glam and surprising way to WOW her!

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