Infographic: Password Protection Guidelines For Everybody

As of this writing, the developers website of even the mighty Apple Corp. got compromised, leaving the usernames and emails of those registered on the web services vulnerable. It just goes to show that in this day and age, people who are looking to take advantage of other people on the net are always out there. If you’re imagining that you’re someone too insignificant to be a target – think again. Attached to our online profiles are our addresses, home phone numbers and billing information.  To add to that, hackers don’t even have to single you out, your account can be compromised as a part of an entire database. And if your account happens to have a very generic password, hackers can easily obtain your sensitive data.

In today’s world, one doesn’t have to be a complete paranoid to be safe online. One only has to be aware of the risks involved and the terrible events that happens daily to add more efforts in securing ourselves on the internet.

Patricia L. George copywrites and does guest blogs for a living. She has been in their industry for 5 years. Recently, she has turned her attention towards affiliate marketing after learning what is iLivingApp.


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