Fun Things To Learn That Will Impress Your Friends


Whether you’re a student looking to come up with a new ‘party trick’ before you turn to your studies in the summer, or you and your friends are the type of people who love learning new things and seeing who can outdo each other, picking up new skills is always worthwhile.

Here are a number of suggestions for fun things you could learn to do, either during the summer or between now and the end of the year; some of them could even turn into moneymaking opportunities!


If you’re a guy reading this, then you ought to read it rather than skipping to the next part. As much as knitting is associated with women, this is the 21st century!

People are crazy for bespoke knitted items, too, both for themselves as well as for children, and babies in particular. As a result, this is the perfect thing to do as a small business opportunity, and a great way to wipe the smile from anyone’s face if they mock your new hobby or idea. The thing with knitting is that it is surprisingly relaxing, too, and once you get used to it you’ll find that you can do it for hours without even thinking about it.

Cartoon Drawing

Many people believe that being an artist is something you’re born with, but there’s no doubt you can teach yourself how to become great at it, especially when it comes to things like cartoons, as you can then transfer those skills to caricatures, for example.

Admittedly, you don’t want to get too caught up in the technical side of learning how to draw, but with a circle here and a few lines there, you can quickly be drawing comic strips and might even find yourself creating a new action hero. If you find yourself reaching the point where you’re designing a superhero outfit for yourself, however, it’s time to do something else.

Playing an Instrument

Music is a beautiful thing that everyone understands, and learning how to play an instrument is both rewarding and impressive.

What would be really good is if you instantly threw away any ideas of doing something easy, like drums or bass guitar. We’d probably even throw the regular guitar in there, too, as anyone can pick it up and learn to play a handful of chords. Instead, go for something spectacular, like the saxophone.

Try the saxophone lessons at Pro Music Tutor for a starting point, before looking to become a jazz master in your own right.


This is a brilliant thing to learn if you’re a student and want to do as little as possible during University lectures. That’s before we even get to how impressed your friends are going to be; you might even be able to charge them money for you to take notes in shorthand before translating them to normal text.

Of course, you could have some fun, too, but they probably won’t appreciate failing because you gave them false information!

Learning a new skill is fun and can bring extra value to your life; whether you consider one of our suggestions or come up with something yourself, it’s something definitely worth exploring.

Anth is a student seriously considering teaching himself shorthand over the coming weeks before his return to University, although he feels learning the saxophone will be more fun.

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