Finding Plus Size Dresses For Curvaceous Women


Unlike in the past, many women’s clothing stores are beginning to avail plus size attires due to their high demand. Contrary to the assumption that most women have slim and petite frames, according to a report recently released by Women’s Wear Daily the average dress size for the American woman is 14. Most stores differ in their definition of plus size but the PLUS Model Magazine set the break-off point at 12 and Chicago Tribune at 14.In the current dynamic market there are many plus size dresses available to customers. This is because the demand for these dresses is quite high and most of the customers tend to have big and curvy body frames. The dresses are designed to flatter the figures of the women and show off their curves. Big bodied women are no longer shying away from dressing up and stores are making dresses that are less matronly looking.

Tips to Finding the Right Plus Size Dresses

Plus-size women come in both the apple and pear shapes, it is important to understand your shape type in order to work with it top obtain a flawless look. In most stores they measure the size of the clients before selecting clothes for them to try out. When it comes to shopping for clothes the rule of the thumb is that you should first fit in to ensure that it’s the perfect size. When most women go out shopping they tend to be drawn to the colors and glamour of certain clothes and buy them regardless of their body types only to end up disappointed when they don’t fit. When purchasing plus size dresses here are some things to consider;

Right Size

Dress sizes are not fundamental to all stores therefore when shopping you have to be very careful to obtain the right fit for you. Wear comfortable clothes that flatter your figure, do not be tricked into buying something that you don’t feel comfortable in. Many store assistants may suggest a particular outfit that doesn’t suit your taste, feel free to politely decline because you want value for money at the end of the day.

Evaluate All Prices

 In the past many stores have been known to discriminate against plus size ladies and charging them extra for clothes. Choose wisely when you go to stores to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous store attendant. When evaluating the stores also consider the quality material type, size, design as well as other factors that are relevant to you.

Select the Best Design

Being plus size does not mean that you have to settle for the less stylish clothes that are not properly displayed at the stores. It is important that you choose clothes based on your personal style, taste and preference. Usually plus size dresses are available in many stores so explore your options to achieve the best look. If you have a big body, most experts recommend that you stick to dull colors, you do not always have to play safe. Experimenting with colors can achieve an attractive effect.


This article has been written by Anne Harding. She is the specialist in Plus Size Dresses at Chesca Direct.

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