Top Story: Transforming 10 TV Stars Into Movie Celebrities With Heroic Gaming Roles

For performers, the rocky path from television to film can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, movie adaptations of video games provide perfect opportunities for actors and actresses to make the big leap. The following ten stars have the talent to provide faithful renditions of popular virtual characters, and these successful projects would culminate in an increasingly prominent celebrity stature.

Actress Emilia Clarke at the Hollywood premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3, In March 2013. Photo from NI Executive thru Wikipedia.orgEmilia Clarke as Lara Croft
With alluring ferocity, this rising actress from Game of Thrones could dominantly fill the central role a Tomb Raider production. Her toned physique has already prepared her to play the gritty heroine, and intensive television experience has equipped her with serious combative skills.

Kiefer Sutherland as Jim Raynor
24 could offer its intense lead actor to the StarCraft franchise for dynamically engaging results. This actor could instantly muster the authoritative brutishness to take control of this video game empire.

Alison Brie as Tifa Lockhart
The vivacious Community actress could rambunctiously portray Tifa’s bubbly charm and explosive firepower. If a crossover universe converged all Final Fantasy games into a unified plane of existence, her performance would be uniquely captivating. Brie could enthrall fans of this franchise with her bombastically buxom appeal.

Sarah Shahi as Ada Wong
By combining sly cunningness with sleek glamour, this actress from Chicago Fire could debut some sultry acting skills in a movie remake of Resident Evil. Her enticing magnetism could revolutionize the horror franchise by giving this character an incisively stunning performance.

Rashida Jones as Joanna Dark
This television starlet could startle her fans by suddenly shifting course into a flirtatious performance of the titular character from the infamous Perfect Dark series. With the announcement of her forthcoming departure from Parks and Recreation, this is the perfect time for the actress to redefine her persona by becoming a sexy action star.

Alec Baldwin as Commander Shepard
Mass Effect would be incredibly lucky to partner with the former 30 Rock actor. He could deliver sheer brutality alongside comedic outbursts. Stark drama can be blended with giddy surrealism by placing Baldwin in this violently multi-layered dimension.

Christina Hendricks as Ivy Valentine
While this role may constitute an anti-hero, Ivy is the protagonist in her world. The curvaceous actress from Mad Men could flawlessly fulfill the dynamic visage of the Soul Calibur universe. The role would show off her wicked wit while flaunting her fabulous frame.

Michael Cera as LinkMichael Cera: This Is Our Youth Tour, Play Comes To Sydney Opera House 2012. Image from Eva Rinaldi thru
This young actor is the only man that could play the central heroic role in a film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. His dumbfounded bewilderment could carry him through the iconic story. With Arrested Development back in full swing, he could now pursue legendary stardom with an adventurous romp through Hyrule.

Hugh Laurie as Professor Oak
If Pokemon ever received a live-action release, Dr. House from House M.D. would be the top candidate for Professor Oak. His overly serious demeanor would warmly juxtapose with the cartoony elements of the saga. Plus, he already owns the lab coat.

Nick Offerman as Mario
Stern gruffness merges with a thick mustache to make Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation the ideal actor to play Nintendo’s foundational character. His unflappable attitude is sure to translate into bona fide plumber action. Nothing will stop this handyman from rescuing Princess Peach.

The aforementioned television stars can attain true heights of fame by transforming into heroic video games for feature films. Their performances in this genre will appeal to a wide range of new fans. Ultimately, fantastical roles of this variety can facilitate widespread critical acclaim for these inspirational actors and actresses. This genre is an excellent arena for television performers to make a seamless transition into movie acting.


Lucio Pereira is a gamer, movie aficionado and writer at When not daydreaming about movies, he writes game guides and reviews.



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