How To Avoid Being The Topic Of Office Gossip

office gossip

Life is changing really fast and people are becoming very abusive. It always feels bad to be the topic of a gossip especially from your workmates for that matter. We should do everything within our power to avoid being the focus of any kind of a gossip as it might lower our self-esteem. With the current technology gossip can really travel fast especially with the help of social media. To be effective and productive in our field of work you should be in good terms with your workmates. It is only appropriate for you to come up with ways to avoid being the topic of an office gossip. The major 5 ways you can use to avoid being the center spot of an office gossip are listed below.

1. Interact With Your Workmates

You should keep all your workmates close even if you don’t like all of them. Since when all of you are taking and sharing ideas, efficiency and quality of work in an office will increase. In case there is a rise of a gossip about you, it won’t spread out unlike when you are not in good condition with your colleagues. Communication between you and rest of the workers will make you realize and know everything which is going on in the company. Hence you can easily control and manage a gossip about you before it spreads out.

2. Maintain Professionalism

The biggest weapon against a gossip is your own professionalism in the office. People will not likely start a gossip of you, if your relationship in the office is professional and nothing else. The chance of someone attacking you with a cooked gossip will be really hard. After work hours everyone should go to their respective homes.

3. Focus on Your Work

During work hours you should put all your efforts and focus to the job. This will force your colleagues to maintain the same environment. The main cause or start of a gossip in an office is majorly due to idleness and laziness in work. It is only appropriate then that everyone to focus in their work always. You should also separate your work life from your private life. In fact if you want to remove your frustration at work then select a non-work friend to talk to

4. Oppose the Gossip Directly When You Hear It

It is very important not to gossip yourself when you get to hear about someone else’s story. In fact if you have a problem with a colleague or maybe their actions it’s advisable to approach them directly than attacking them from behind. By this you will be able to a broach issues with calm and even in a methodical way. If the matter get worse it’s good to report the gossip to higher office when you feel it’s having a negative impact on you or work.

5. Participate some activities with workmates

Once in a while is good for all of you as colleagues to go out and have some fun. This will enable any tension between employees or between employer and employees to reduce. Things like sports or vacation for the employees creates a good relationship, thereby reducing any chance of a negative gossip arising.

This article was written by Sharon Parker. She is a Human Resource Manager and recommends this website for South Africa Jobs.

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