Infographic: Research Shows Depression Can Cause Alzheimer’s

By understanding how depression can lead to cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, doctors and researchers can begin to make more headway into developing a cure for the ailment. Research has shown that people who suffer from depression are twice as likely to develop cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s. This is even more troubling for those ages 65 and over, as only about one in 10 of the six million suffering from depression in America get treatment. To detect depression in people who have Alzheimer’s disease doctors must rely heavily on nonverbal cues, which can make it difficult to give a proper diagnosis and get necessary treatment. Those with depression or Alzheimer’s may receive antidepressants or electroconvulsive therapy, or can attend support groups and participate in physical activity to help ease symptoms. See more long-term options, as well as links between depression and Alzheimer’s, by taking a look at the provided infographic. Then rest assured that your loved one will get the treatment needed to battle their affliction.

Created by Darrick Williams of LTC Tree, a nation-wide network of agents who work with all the major Long Term Care health Insurance companies.



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