7 Celebrities With Dangerous Private Jets

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The rich and famous have a longstanding habit of flaunting their vast wealth. Cars, expensive clothes, extravagant properties – like it or not, they’re all ways in which celebrities choose to separate themselves from the man on the street.

Perhaps the most iconic signal of fame and fortune though is the private jet. Think about it: A private jet is immensely powerful, costs a huge sum of money, and is the pinnacle of modern engineering.

More than that though, the ability to tell your pilot where in the world you want to be the next morning and then fly there in your own private luxury craft, really is something very few people can attest to. At it’s core, it seems like a bold statement about freedom and personal power.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some cool private jets and the celebrities who own them.

Rupert Murdoch’s GulfStream G550
The international media mogul likes to travel in style, as you’d expect. And his plane is an absolute beast. It’s an ultra-long-range business jet, meaning he can be half way around the world on one tank of fuel – a trip like New York to Tokyo is well within its capacity.

It flies faster than regular airliners, and it flies above them, too. It carries 18 passengers, and is kitted out for both serious relaxation and intensive business meetings.

The Price tag? A cool 49 million dollars.

John Travolta’s Boeing 707

Travolta’s Boeing 707 is another high-quality long-range aircraft, although it’s a slightly strange choice for a celebrity – Travolta seems to have opted for a plane closer to something Quantas might fly.

We think he must fancy himself as a commercial airline pilot, because the plane itself holds somewhere between 140 and 190 passengers. Either that, or he’s having some pretty big transatlantic parties in midair.

Fun fact: Travolta flew the Aussie soccer team from Sydney to the World Cup in Germany in 2006!

Google’s 767

The co-founders of the internet giant Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, share a Boeing 767 simply known as the ‘Google Jet’.

Google have the privilege of being allowed to land at NASA’s Moffett Field airport, which has yet to be granted to any of the other Silicon Valley players.

Interestingly, it’s not the high-tech behemoth you might be expecting – it was actually bought used from Quantas for $15 million, and has only been refitted for comfort inside.

Tom Cruise’s Gulfsteam IV

The star of Top Gun just has to own and fly his own jet really. Flying it must be a piece of cake after nailing all those MiGs back in the 80’s. OK, OK… that wasn’t real, but still. He definitely looked like he knew what he was doing!

Tom’s Gulfstream is a nice piece of kit. It’s a small and efficient twin engine jet, with enough room for a handful of passengers.

It goes without saying that he flies it himself to vacations and film premieres.

Bill Gates’ BD-700 Global Express

As you would expect, Bill went high-tech on the private jet front. It’s the fastest jet in our roundup, and is one of the only private jets on the market capable of breaking the sound barrier. It probably cost him around $40 million.

Depending on whether you favor luxury or technology, it’s definitely a contender for the coolest celebrity private jet in operation.

Mark Cuban’s Boeing 767

Another celebrity who went for “huge” over “cool”, Cuban’s chunky 767 seems to have been bought with a purpose in mind – to transport the entire Dallas Maverick team.

Cuban had it refitted with custom seats so he could better accommodate the height of the players whose club he owns.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 727-23

By far the most outlandish private jet we know of is Donald Trump’s Boeing 727. Like many of Trumps acquisitions, he’s gone all out on the interior so that it screams “wealth!” to any guest stepping inside.

Trump went for leather armchairs, gold plated seat belt buckles and Waterford crystal lamps, among other lavish décor.

Oh, and he plastered the words “Trump” on the outside in 24-carat gold!

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Marcus Falley is a writer for Courses Direct, an Australian based website providing Online Courses in a range of industries, including cabin crew and aviation courses. In additional to writing for Courses Direct, Marucs is a keen amateur surf ski paddler, photographer and marathon runner.

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