Infographic: Poker & The Art of Seduction

People think poker is all about luck. Whilst that’s certainly a factor, a much bigger one is psychology. You need to be constantly thinking – what cards might your opponent have, what cards do they think you have, and so on.

Poker psychology can be translated into other ‘real life’ situations, for example negotiating a pay rise. Many poker players find the skills they develop at the tables can be very, very helpful in other areas of their lives.

Dating and relationships are also about psychology and being able to ‘read’ people. The early stages of dating often involve guess-work; do they like me, are they attracted to me, what should my next ‘move’ be?

In this infographic we’ve taken a light-hearted look at this, but also to help you learn some poker ‘lingo’. Poker, especially online, has so much slang it’s often difficult to know what anyone is talking about! There’s slang for cards, hands, players, situations and everything in between.

Want to talk and play poker like a pro? Check out the below to find out some basics.

Want to date and work the ladies with your smooth character, charm and timeless wit? Look no further! is one of the most trusted guides to online poker for players across the world.

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