Top Story: 4 Things Men Do Not Like About Women


There are some things that can push any man away. And we’re no talking only about outward appearance (we are aware of their stereotypes of beauty which in most of the cases excludes the half of the women population on Earth, but, whatever… ). We talk about some of our weaknesses as women, which are typical for us but drives them crazy. See what we mean.


Men hate when we start to criticize them. Especially for things they claim to be experts at. For instance, try to show your spouse how to be careful when he’s driving. But we warn you, a few seconds before you even finished your sentence, you will see him burst in rage and make indignant faces. It is also a very bad idea to give them advice in the kitchen. When men are cooking it’s better to leave them preparing the dinner peacefully rather than cause a fight by adding one more pinch of salt in their salad.


This is something that most men neither understand, not accept. It can spoil even the strongest relationship between two people and sometimes irretrievably. They cannot find any sense of being jealous of the people you love simply because they are free to do whatever they want. The fact that they devoted their love and time to you has to be quite enough evidence that cheating has gone off the table long ago. Being jealous is an indication that you don’t have faith in your partner and ruins your own self-respect Remember, honesty and trust are one of the most important factors for a successful relationship.


Sharing you feelings and being emotional all the time is a true nightmare for men. They just cannot accept the fact that we can take one single sentence of theirs and wonder for a week what did they mean. For a man saying ‘Whatever’ means that now, at this particular moment, he’s thinking of something else and is not quite able to consider the topic of the current conversation. Whereas a woman will accept it as ‘a sign that this relationship doesn’t move on any more’ , ‘he doesn’t even listen to me’ and ‘he’s taking me for granted’. And by the time they realize men somehow manage to fall into a very unpleasant situation in which they are expected to explain over and over again.

Requiring too much attention

The don’t like unexpected calls, hugs and unreasonable kisses. In short, if you are a type of person who is a bit over loving and huggable, try to reduce the attention you give to your spouse. He may want to enjoy some privacy while you are calling him 9 times a day just to say that you miss him. Men want to have time for their friends, beer-nights etc, while some women don’t let them do nothing which doesn’t include them. Remember, just like you love spending time with you girlfriends, talking about shoes and TV shows, your boyfriend (or husband) needs some free-of-you time to relax with the guys and have a couple of beers.

Jessica Conars is passionate freelancer blogger. She isa loving wife and mother. She works as a carpet cleaner in Kilburn and that is why she has enough free time to write. In her spare time she loves to take long walks.

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