4 Ways To Get Your Read On

Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

With the intensification of television, music and movies, reading seems like it may have fallen by the wayside. The world we live in is becoming increasingly more visual and digital, how could books ever keep up? The fact is, they are part of the boom as well. For one reason or another, the joy of reading is alive just as much as it always has, and people are consuming quite possible more reading material than ever, just in unique ways.

The Laptop Stories

Reading stories online is a new and exciting development. The internet has given writers a free platform to reach their audience without passing through the rigmarole of publishers, agents and editors. Sure, blogs are everywhere, but they lack the integrity of an actual writer, creating real stories for a more active audience. Everything from urban fiction books to zombie reading lists can be found online, and one can get wrapped up for hours or days in the stories and talents of web-published writers.


It’s clear that Amazon carved out a new niche for technology with the Kindle and its ensuing lineup of devices. In some ways, they revived reading in the digital age (although some argue it was never dead), however, they are struggling to distinguish their devices from ordinary tablets. As the two classifications slowly converge, the advantages of an e-reader are becoming obsolete, such as the easy-to-read liquid-crystal screen and the low battery consumption. Suddenly, the e-reader will be no more, and Amazon will simply be pushing another tablet entirely.

Google Books

Say what you will about the internet magnate and their big brother capabilities, their push to makes books available to the masses is a welcome one. When a Google user can reach a classic American novel such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on their smartphone with just a few clicks – and page through its entirety for free, then it seems as though Google is doing some good. They are indeed charging for most books (only books with expired copyrights are free), satisfying the publishers and authors, while not demanding such a high price as the book stores. What prevents customers from flocking, however, is the drawback of reading on a small, backlit screen, which seems to wear on the eyes after only a few chapters.

The Public Library

Believe it or not, is still in business. And if you ever stop inside, you’ll know why. The shelves and archives are still buzzing with happy customers, plucking favorites from the bookcases, perusing through old photos of their neighborhood, researching various topics of interest. The public library is still around for a reason – people still love to read. Through all municipal cutbacks and budget slashing, the great halls remain standing and filled with knowledge, adventure and fun.

In Conclusion

The digital age cannot keep the readers down. Tumblr and Twitter have not forced the written word out of the scope of entertainment; they have simply given authors another way to publicize their books. Whether they’re urban fiction books or stories of the zombie apocalypse, there is a new and exciting read out there for everyone. It’s up to us to take advantage of it.

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Sean Carter is an experienced writer who has contributed to numerous blogs all over the internet. His main interests include techonlogy, automobiles and traveling the world

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