Top 5 Hardest Habits To Break


Have you got a little quirk that you can’t help indulging, even though it annoys just about everyone else around you? We’ve all had a bad habit at some point, and you’ve probably got one or two right now that keep coming back to tempt you. But what are the top 5 habits that are harder to shake?

Playing With Your Hair

You know you hair gets greasier every time you touch it, but you just can’t help it. Before you can stop yourself, you’re running your hand through it, or twirling locks round your finger, or messing with split ends, or pushing it out of your face every two seconds when you could just pin it all back…

I guess the only solution is to cut it all off. What? You don’t like that idea? Then buy a hairband.

Saying ‘Like’

So, like, is it really, like, necessary to, like, say ‘like’, like, all the time? No. But it’s so easy to fit into a sentence – it gives you more time to think if you’re not sure how to word things. It’s a form of vocabulary ‘filler’, much like ‘er’ and ‘um’, but if you keep adding it into your sentences you might find your conversation partner getting impatient!

You could and set yourself a challenge by going a whole day without using the word ‘like’ or any other verbal crutches in your speech. It’s almost certainly going to be difficult, but freeing yourself of such verbal impairments can only, like, benefit you in the long run.

Excessive Use of Social Media

It started off as an innocent way to keep in touch with your friends and the outside world, but now you can’t turn on your computer or look at your phone without checking your Facebook, Twitter, and who knows what else to see just how much attention you’re getting. In fact, a hefty chunk of your day is probably spent scrolling down pages mainly filled with things you have little to no interest in.

How do you stop? I have no idea; none of my Twitter followers have been able to help.


This one’s split – you’re either a nail biter or a hater of nail biters. If you’re the former, you probably get constant nags from family, friends, and whoever happens to be passing by. If you’re the latter, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone nibble away at their nails. It’s unsanitary, it’s noisy, and frankly it’s just kind of gross.

There are special nail polishes that you can buy that are supposed to make you refrain from biting, but if your habit’s bad enough, a little varnish may not be much of a deterrent. You could try regularly trimming them to remove the temptation entirely, or getting a manicure that you won’t want destroyed through nail-biting. Or you could take the slightly lateral step of buffing your nails instead of biting them whenever you feel the urge to do so. It’s better to have shiny nails than bitten ones, after all…


There are loads of different reasons why a person may take up smoking, and it’s been played for laughs on TV shows like Friends (remember when Rachel took it up to get closer to her boss?), but when it comes down to it, smoking is a dangerous habit. Not only is it detrimental to your health, it can also affect others, especially those you live with or spend a lot of time around.

Everyone knows that cigarettes don’t do your lungs any favors, but I bet you didn’t know this about what smoking does to your body. Reduced vision and scurvy? No thank you!

There are lots of products and methods around to help you quit smoking, from nicotine patches to fake cigarettes. Don’t be scared to ask if you need help.

Have you seen a bad habit that you just can’t stand, or even had one yourself? Share it in the comments!

Bio: Rachel Jacquest is a hypocritical blogger who spends whatever time she has free fervently checking and updating social media sites while biting her nails. She just can’t, like, help it!


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