Men: How To Look More Professional At Work And Impress Management


Does your appearance have people at work wondering whether Encino Man was based on your life? Do you find colleagues asking, “Do you work here?” when you amble into the lunch room? Does upper management look at you as though you are having a very difficult time? Well, it could be your appearance. Dressing and looking professional at work is a career maker or breaker. Think of it like dating: would your job want to tie the knot with someone who looks as though they just woke from a 100-year nap? The wedding photos would be terrible! Here are some ways to look more professional at work and, perhaps, impress management enough for them to give you a second look.

Start with the Basics
Basic grooming goes a long way. Wake up an hour before your leave and take a shower, brush and floss your teeth, and carefully comb your hair. You will feel like a new something. What better way to start the day?

Lint Not, Want Not
The ubiquity of lint is a constant threat to a tidy appearance, especially if you are living in a city, teaming with dirt, garbage, pollution, etc. Yet, fight the lint you must! Invest in a de-linter. (By invest, we mean, cough up 3-5 bucks for one.) And be sure to de-lint your clothes every day. If you wear black or dark colors, this especially makes a difference. Rumors about whether you sleep under scaffolding or have an incorrigible problem with dandruff will cease immediately. We promise.

Clean Colors, Clean Lines
Save your political statements for summer afternoons at the rooftop bar and your flowery prints for your mother’s retirement party. A professional look means polished, clean, cogent, succinct, and recognizable. Nothing conveys this more than solid, clean colors, and distinct clean lines. Don’t frill up your wardrobe for work; it inevitably leads to a, how should we say, “l’air de sloppy.” Think of an Alex Katz painting. Then embody it.

Look at Me. Look at Me. . . For Promotions!
Upgrading your look will upgrade your energy, your confidence, and all the positive you-ness that you can bring to the work place. Management will take notice. A professional look renders you visible in the absolute best way possible. So, keep that in mind. Carry yourself with confidence. Do not wear The Stained, Worn and Torn. Remember: seamless is as seamless does.

The Art of Shaving
Not every man can become GQ’s favorite metrosexual model, but every man can definitely pretty up a bit for the job. A smooth, clean shave that does not irritate the skin makes you look boyish, young, and put-together. Invest in some old timey instruments for this – a long razor, a The Art of Shaving brush, thick, moisturizing shaving foam. The art of the shaving brush is that is prevents troublesome hairs from forming blemishes and allows for foam to be applied neatly, generously, and consistently throughout the face. A professional, clean cut shave and smooth skin reads promotion.


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