Infographic: How To Prepare For The Zombie Apocalypse

People of the world! The zombie apocalypse could happen and we all need to accept that and prepare for the worst. Sure, it might not happen the way it does in movies, but we should still be ready for anything that might happen. The good news is that you most likely already have plenty of weapons in your home that you aren’t aware of.

The average person’s garage alone is jam packed with various items that can be used as weaponry or means of protection. This infographic will teach you all about these items that you can use, and may even spark some ideas of your own that aren’t on our list. Realistically, there should be a list like this for every room in your home, so if you ever get trapped somewhere you will know what items you can use in the event of an attack.

Share your thoughts with us – what would you add or remove from our list? has been an authority in all things do-it-yourself and repair since 2004.


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