Ideas For Controlling The World’s Population


The world’s population has crossed 6 billion and is fast approaching the 7 billion mark. The growing population is literally stripping the natural resources, and many scientists and governments are a worried lot. The number of poor people is increasing and that too in developing countries. Plus, the man-woman ratio is skewed in favor of men. These are disturbing indicators and if the population is not controlled or regulated, the world may plunge into chaos.

The biggest problem is that the developed nations have the lowest population growth rate while developing nations and poor countries have the highest growth rate.  So what are scientists and governments doing to control population and its imbalance in a non-coercive manner? Here’s the information:

The Plan To Control World Population

  1. China instituted the “one child per family” rule a few years back but that has not been entirely successful because many Chinese families prefer boys. This has led to an increase in the number of abortions and it seems like there will be more men than women in China. This can have other disastrous consequences. Also, controlling population in a developing economy can be counter-productive because you need people to fuel the economy. Lesser number of people can lead to declining growth rates. Therefore, other governments should learn from the China experiment and exercise controls with extreme care and after judging the full import of such measures.
  2. Educating people and encouraging new forms of birth control can prove to be effective. Men in populous countries can undergo a vasectomy, and can opt for a vasectomy reversal if they feel the need to have another child. When the education level rises, people will become aware of how the growing population can spell doom for the posterity, and resort to contraception. Educated men and women can get easy access to birth control.
  3. Increasing economic opportunities can also help keep people busy and stop family expansion. People will then begin to enjoy their wealth and indulge in other activities instead of focusing on making babies.
  4. Some experts are of the opinion that religious leaders, icons and rulers must step in to inform their followers about the problems associated with unhindered population growth. However, conservative institutions will not take part in this exercise.
  5. Out-of-the-box thinkers figure that addictive TV programs will provide some kind of check on nocturnal pastimes, and therefore control population growth to some extent. However, many TV shows feature suggestive content and the jury is out on whether such shows can increase or decrease population numbers.
  6. Controlled economic migration can be another solution. Countries that need people to serve the aged or run the economy can encourage migration from developing nations. Of course, the migrants have to be trained and educated so that cultural aspect is taken care of.

In Conclusion

The world’s growing population is on a consumption spree and that has led to global warming. Uncontrolled population growth can become a recipe for disaster and all the governments have to get together and do something about it. Urgent action is the need of the hour, and it must be taken before we leave a decaying earth for our posterity.

Peter S. Halcomb, a journalist who hails from Bentonville, AR, who had a reverse vasectomy with Dr. David S. Wilson in 2009 when he remarried and decided to have children.

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