How To Use Watermelon To Heat Up Your Sex Life


Researchers at the Texas A&M University have been working on a compound known as citrulline found in watermelons. The director of Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, Texas Dr. Bhimu Patil claims that the study has found high quantities of citrulline in watermelon flesh than what we previously thought.

Patil added, “The more we research on watermelons, the more we will come to know about the benefits of this fruit as a natural sex enhancer.”  This especially will be an exceptional finding.

How our body works with citrulline?

Our body converts citrulline into arginine, which further helps to boost nitrous oxide. And, nitrous oxide helps to relax the blood vessels in a way similar to any sex enhancing medicine.

Patil further added that watermelon might not provide organ specific benefits similar to the effects provided by any ED drug. However, it is an excellent and natural solution for relaxing the blood vessels.

According to the scientists, you will have to consume around six slices of watermelons for relaxing your blood vessels, but remember that the results will not be organ specific, since it is still unknown as how much you need to consume for attaining specific results.

Nevertheless, with six slices, you certainly will experience some unpleasant effects such as rise in blood sugar levels, diarrhea like symptoms and frequent trips to the restroom.

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What critics have to say?

A few experts state that the entire topic is exaggerated. Dr. Irwin Goldstein, chief editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that it would be similar to a person dropping a beer bottle in Minneapolis, and hope to see that it will make an impact on someone residing in the New Orleans. It simply is not a sane logic, Goldstein added.

In addition, Dr. Roger Clemens, lecturer of pharmaceutical and pharmacology sciences at the University of Southern California added that considering watermelons as natural sex enhancers is apparently a premature thing to do at this point of time, as things need to be more elaborate and concrete before we land upon any conclusion.

Other Benefits of Watermelons:

Well, this might definitely affect the sales of watermelons across the nation. Nevertheless, there are loads of other health benefits associated with the consumption of watermelons that we simply cannot overlook said Dr. Patil.

You must know that watermelon is a rich source of natural diuretic, potassium, antioxidants as well as lycopene and we cannot oversee the benefits that these nutrients offer to our body.

So it is a healthy decision to include watermelons in your diet on a regular basis and nothing can beat the joy of having watermelons in the summer.

Nevertheless, I advise all you guys out there to keep your expectations negligible when it comes to sprucing up your sex life through watermelons, but do not disregard the other health benefits either.

Load up watermelons, beat the heat this summer, and pamper your body!

Helly Wilson is a freelance content writer and a healthcare assistant. Her write-ups are aimed to educate the masses regarding the various healthcare issues like hair loss, weight loss, male erectile failure or impotence treatments, cancer, HIV etc. Lately, she is associated with where she posts her recent write-ups.


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