What Are The Most Important Ingredients In A Relationship?


Having a relationship is not as simply as indulging a yummy dessert like an ice cream. And when you have eaten all the ice cream, it’s over. It is a kind of practice where careful planning and timely preparation are a must. Careful planning is a prerequisite of any action you have in mind when feelings are a part of dealing with love, a love that is pure to someone. Time preparation  talks about the readiness of falling in love with somebody.

Love, the Most Powerful Emotion

As far as love is concerned, we can’t deny the fact that love is the most powerful emotion man has ever known. Love moves in mysterious ways sometimes and we should be keen on how to respond the stimulus it brings. There is no particular time frame where we opt to follow and deal with a partner whom we share our love. When we come to our age, the influence from other people ,especially peers, is really such strong and unbearable sometimes.

Pure and Truthful Relationship

When a person enters in a relationship, he or she must know his/her partner discerningly. It must be a pure discovery where infatuation comes along. Falling in love is like baking a cake. It needs ingredients, or the very important ingredients for you to bake well, and even sometimes to bake it perfectly. When a person falls in love, he or she is developing a relationship that makes him or her happy. The feelings are the significant tools on how to develop it. They must be pure and truthful. How can you be sure of your feelings towards someone? It’s not an easy thing to distinguish. You should feel it. And not only that, the person whom you feel that way must also feel the same way making that connection pure. Both of you should have those mutual feelings to bond the relationship. If one isn’t there, it’s unfair, useless and can’t be considered pure.

Be Honest With Your Love

On the other hand, when you have entered this situation, you must not be a cheater. Do not cheat with your partner. Likewise, don’t let the other person do the same. The expression of love becomes worthless and unproductive. It’s very difficult to say you love this someone or that someone but the fact you are dishonest of your feelings with him or her. Love is not pretending. Love is pure. The trust of love is there and you must keep and maintain. Because it would surely break when discovery has come. A discovery that really matters the kind of relationship you have started and established since the time you have fallen in love. Both of you will ask about the issue for clarity. Both of you will wonder why did it happen. And both of you will be truly hurt and cry. Love is painful, isn’t it? Painful in the sense that you have forgotten to keep the promise of love – the promise to be honest.

Meaningful Communication Equates Happy Relationship

Everyone aims to have a happy relationship. And who doesn’t like? Love really matters because we feel it. Love is powerful when the spark is still there. How can you maintain that spark with your partner as you go along with the relationship? Both of you will work hand in hand. No one will go ahead and do his or her own steps. Work it out together with confidence, with pure intention,  with sweet connection and with truth communication. Remember this, a happy relationship talks. I simply mean to say, there must be a good communication between you and your partner. Plan the things that could make your relationship cope with the status quo. And the kind of communication that will be necessary is also pure. No negative words and emotions should prevail. They are stressful and disappointing. Learn to submit and be quiet when your partner is on the verge of anger. Because it won’t help. Talking in a very polite yet sweet, conversation could add a meaningful communication that would elevate your feelings of love. In that way, communication has respect that weigh both sides – your feelings and his.

Savannah Ellis is a relationship therapist from Las Vegas. She does affair recovery coaching and couples therapy for individuals and groups.

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