Infographic: Raising Awareness Against Obesity In America

America is often food for comic relief when it comes to the alarming rate of obesity in the country. Children and adults alike are struggling against the pounds that keep packing on year after year. The effects are absolutely devastating. The New York Times reports that trends in American lifestyles are killing them.It’s a simple equation. Many Americans are inactive. As a result, they are becoming obese. They are also falling prey to a host of life-threatening health conditions. They are having strokes, heart attacks, an increased risk of cancer, and becoming diabetic. There’s no doubt about it when considering obesity. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, it’s a battle that can be won with conscious effort. Parents can begin at home by promoting healthy lifestyles. They can limit time on the television and gaming systems. Children need to get out and be active every day, something that families can do together for an added incentive. Stocking the house with healthy foods is also a major plus.

Employers are jumping on the band wagon to fight obesity as well. They’re bringing gyms into the workplace, offering discounts to fitness centers, and establishing support groups for dieting. Healthy employees will be more productive and cost employers less money.

Doctors are doing their part to point patients in the right direction. They are making dietary recommendations and suggesting alternatives for lifestyle changes. They begin with children and carry on their efforts through adulthood.

People are inundated with advertisements that promote fitness. They can try gym equipment for trial periods and get paid to use a new supplement. Alternatives to traditional marathons are on the rise, such as mud runs and extreme challenges that entice people to put themselves to the test. There are many ways they can get moving, make the pounds come off, and keep them off.

Restaurants are making an effort as well. Fast food establishments post the calorie intake for each item. They offer healthy choices that were not available in the past. Fine dining eateries ensure that light fare and wise selections are balancing out the menu, along with the higher calorie alternatives.

Americans can reverse the trend of being overweight. They need to get active, eat right, and avoid sedentary activities. With conscious effort, they’ll trim down.

Source: Top Masters In Public Health


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