Money Or Temptation What Make’s You Truly Happy?


The Happy Start

Mags and Derek met when they were in their early twenties and married soon afterwards. Mags had 2 young daughters from a relationship she had in her teens, but the father of the girls left her as he couldn’t deal with the responsibility at such a young age and she never saw him again. Derek was very supportive and Mags felt that getting together with him was a dream come true. They settled in Cornwall; Derek working as a teacher and Mags a yoga and meditation instructor, which she could fit round looking after the girls. They weren’t rich but were happy.

Temptation At Work

Everything seemed perfect until one day Derek was late in from work telling Mags he had things to finish off. But it didn’t end there. His behavior was different somehow and he was late in more frequently. As Mags instructed yoga in a small studio at home, which Derek had sorted out for her, she really looked forward to him coming home as the house was fairly isolated and she spent a lot of time alone. Getting more and more concerned Mags decided to confront Derek and ask him what was going on. At first he denied anything was wrong but when Mags wouldn’t let it go he broke down and told her that the pressure of work had become more difficult to deal with and a colleague at work had been a shoulder to take some of the burden. One thing led to another and sadly for Mags Derek had started an affair. Affairs often start at work, as any private investigator will confirm as they deal with such cases every day of the week.  People tend to work closely together on an even footing and the opportunities are there even if they aren’t planned.

Moving On

Obviously Mags was devastated but having been let down before she reluctantly accepted the situation and found some solace in her yoga and meditation. She moved into a small bungalow which was just right for her and the girls and inevitably the divorce came through. Living in a small community she saw Derek occasionally with his new partner Clare and it wasn’t long before they had a baby daughter, Tanya. Many years went by and the children grew up but then out of the blue Derek contacted Mags and told her that he still had strong feelings for her and was divorcing Clare; they were now in their fifties.

Betrayal Again

Derek persuaded Mags to move back in with him after the divorce was finalised; Clare moved to London to look after her elderly mother. A quiet marriage ceremony in front of only two close friends followed; Mags had given Derek a second chance. They started a new type of life; living in Cornwall for 6 months then India the rest of the year. It was perfect for about 5 years until last year when Derek told Mags out of the blue that he wanted a divorce. He told her there was no one else involved but Mags didn’t trust him. She decided to have him put under surveillance and hired a professional private investigator to do the work. The private investigator worked promptly and discovered that Clare had moved back to Cornwall as her mother had died, leaving her a substantial inheritance. She had contacted Derek and they began a relationship again. Was he tempted by the money?

Will There Be A Happy Ever After?

Mags vowed never to speak to Derek again as he had betrayed her once more and even blamed her for the breakdown of their marriage, citing her unreasonable behavior as grounds for divorce which was nonsense. She suspects that as Clare had come into a large amount of money Derek was tempted back to her, but she can’t be certain. All she knows is that she found the truth and can hold her head up high knowing she’d done nothing wrong. Whether Derek will be happy ever after she’ll never know but she doesn’t care.


An idyllic new start with Derek seemed perfect for Mags but temptation got in the way. When they got remarried it all seemed so right but Mags didn’t consider the return of Clare. A private investigator proved the truth giving Mags the dignity to move on.

Matrimonial Private Detective Charlie Hodgson has been working in the industry for many years. He has carried out many matrimonial investigations and surveillance operations with a great deal of success. For more blogs like this please visit


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