Models’ Secrets Shared: 5 Ways To Look Thinner Without The Work!

John Galliano: Runway - Paris  Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012

When it comes to having a slender figure, there’s no substitute for healthy eating and exercise. But what if you’re attending a special event, or you just want to look nicer at work? Don’t wait until you reach your ideal weight to present a thinner appearance.

Here are some tried-and-true tricks for instantly shaving a few pounds, or at least look like you have:

1. Size is just a number

It may seem obvious to cover up extra weight with loose, over-sized clothing, but in reality it has the opposite effect. When outfits hang shapelessly on your body, the larger silhouette gives the impression of more, not less. And while going a size smaller may be a psychological lift, too-tight clothes are even worse, with straining seams and buttonholes drawing attention to the wrong areas.

For the most flattering effect, choose clothing that comfortably fits your body shape. Lourdes Figueroa of UdefineU, creator of DVDs that instruct women on becoming their own stylists, says a good rule of thumb is to have “a finger’s width of space between skin and garment.” Removing size tags from clothing is a good way to focus your mind-set on overall fit.

2. That’s a wrap!

Another idea that may seem counter-intuitive is adding a belt to your outfit. The secret behind this tip is that it accentuates the narrowest part of your body, drawing attention to your waist and away from heavier areas. Belts are available in an infinite number of styles, giving you a variety of different looks and uses. This flexibility also makes it possible to address a number of specific figure problems simply by changing up details like width, color, or even how you wear it.

3. Longer means leaner

Mom really did know best when she told you to stand up straight. Slumped posture distorts body alignment, causing certain areas to stick out and become more pronounced while creating rolls and bulges that aren’t really there. Proper posture results in elongated body lines and increased height, creating a slimmer profile. As an added bonus, standing up straight pays dividends in better physical and emotional health, which in turn improves your outer appearance.

4. Go for the gold

A beautifully bronzed complexion gives you the glow of good health and makes your body appear trimmer. The shadows and contouring effects of a tan mask skin imperfections and create an impression of toned and defined muscles. Since the dangers of too much sun are well-documented, the safest route is visiting a salon for a spray tan or applying an over-the-counter self-tanning lotion.

5. Don’t overdo the dark colors

Conventional wisdom says black is the go-to color for a slender look; but that doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of color or even patterns. According to Charla Krupp, author of the best-selling How to Never Look Fat Again, too much black runs the risk of rendering you invisible. Use color to play up your figure’s best features.

Self-confidence is the most effective style accessory, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Make these suggestions part of your “wardrobe” and you’ll always be proud of your lean and trim appearance.

Nicole loves researching different beauty “fake outs.”

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