10 Most Popular Women’s Accessories This Year

Fashion accessories today matter just as much as any other type of accessories i.e. clothing or shoes or makeup. However, while women have an endless variety of various types of accessories to choose from there are a few standard items that every women needs to have. These most basic accessories are often versatile and tend to be compatible with any wardrobe. If you are a husband or a boyfriend knowing which are the most popular will help you buy a gift she will appreciate.

A Perl Necklace

These are timeless classics which may never get old. Any outfit can be dressed up with a good Perl necklace which is why they are so popular. Pearl necklaces range from around $100 to ones costing a few thousand dollars and they make perfect birthday and Christmas gifts. Since, most pearl necklaces can last practically forever you shouldn’t hesitate to spend a little extra on these when the time comes.

A Brown or Black leather Belt

Belts are a staple fashion accessory for both women and men, especially the solid basic colored belts. If you’re a man who wants to get one for his woman, brown or black either one is a good option. You can also opt for a reversible belt that has brown on one side and black on the other.

A Floppy Hat

A floppy hat is probably the most popular fashion accessory during hot summer months. The lightweight material and its wide brim help keep the sun off your face. However, for max versatility you should choose a cap with neutral colors i.e. black or straw. This will allow you to wear the hat with almost all summer outfits.

Black or Opaque Tights

These are excellent to wear for both special occasions and to the office. Black tights have a formal touch which is certainly something most women want at the work place. These tights also go well with outfits of almost all prints and types.

A Statement Necklace

After you have chosen a great looking statement necklace which accurately reflects your style and taste it will quickly become your go to accessory. This is even if you hardly wear any jewelry. These necklaces are excellent for days during which you need to rush and it helps to quickly complete your outfit while at the same time encompassing your overall sense of style. The necklace can be anything from bright to bold.

A Leather Handbag

Regardless of if you are a woman that loves carrying a handbag you cannot deny that a simple yet classic looking leather handbag is something you must have. A neutral colored bag will help coordinate with an array of outfits while at the same time holding everything you need. Men should take note there that women of all ages love to carry a well designed leather handbag making them excellent holiday season and birthday gifts.

Black Leather Gloves

A thick and smooth pair of black leather gloves is an excellent accessory especially with winter approaching. These gloves are durable enough to last for years and can be personalized with labels. These gloves look especially chic with trench coats and pea coats. So, not only do they keep a woman’s hand warm but also look great doing it in the process.

A Neutral Colored Scarf

A neutral shade scarf easily becomes the ultimate cold weather accessory. Even if you do decide to always wear the latest from the fashion industry this is one thing that will still live with you unchanged. The most popular are brown, black, gray or beige knit scarves.


Sunglasses are another all time fashion accessory for both men and women. However, women’s style of glasses tends to change more often than men and the colors also tend to be a whole lot different. That said it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses which are not trend specific but allows you to protect your eyes regardless of the season. Face shape is a very important factor when picking out the perfect pair, so if it’s a gift you need to be very careful with when purchasing.

A Wristlet

These are useful especially when on the go. They tend to be large enough to hold everything you need like your credit cards, cash, keys and cell phone yet small enough to dangle from your hand. The strap adds more security and allows for the size to be more compact. Ideally, you will want to choose ones which have been made from water proof materials like leather and nylon.

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John Doe is a fashion designer and fashion industry journalist. He enjoys covering the latest fashion trends.

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