Top Story: Shocking WorldStarHipHop Videos


WorldStarHipHop, affectionately named the CNN of the Ghetto, keeps its viewers up to date with the latest shock videos and entertainment in the world of Black pop culture. Here are 5 of the most shocking videos from WorldStarHipHop.

Angry Grandpa Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict

Watch the video:

62-year-old Charles Marvin Green Jr., otherwise known to YouTubers as “The Angry Grandpa,” is an unintentional Internet personality. Various videos tapped by his prankster son detail Angry Grandpa’s extremely loud and opinionated views on everything from Justin Bieber, 2 Girls 1 cup, and even major court cases.

Here, we see his violent and destructive reaction to the recent “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. What’s most shocking about this video is that Angry Grandpa hasn’t had a heart attack from all of his vehement rage.

Spiderman Beating People in Basketball

Watch the video:

Who knew that Peter Parker and Tony Parker were related? In this video, we see Spidey using a combination of his famous agility, cunning, and spider-senses to dupe several people at 1-on-1 basketball games in a local park.

This masked crusaders offers up some very nimble and innovative feats of basketball trickery on par with any Harlem Globetrotter. The shocker? That a guy in tights and a covered face could win so easily at 1-on-1. Definitely one of the more family-friendly videos on WorldStarHipHop.

The Roadside Body Cavity Search

Watch the video: 

These cops decided to go just a bit too far when it comes to fighting crime. A couple of women returning from the beach were pulled over for a routine speeding violation when one of the cops claimed he smelled marijuana.

After already finding a small amount of burnt marijuana in the car, he somehow thinks this is just cause to breach the women’s 4th amendment rights (protecting American citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures) and orders a full body-cavity search right there on the side of the road. Overkill? Yes. Shocking? Yes. But I suppose that’s the price we pay for the infallible war on drugs.

Golden Corral Dumpster Food

Watch the video:

As if the quality of Golden Corral’s food wasn’t questionable enough, this video out of Port Orange, FL is simultaneously shocking and disgusting.

A local employee takes viewers on a guide of the buffet chain’s dumpster area, showing piles of unsold and uncooked food placed haphazardly in disgusting conditions next to flies and other contaminants. Who thought that would be a good idea?

The Boy with Half a Twin

Watch the video:

Deepak, a young Indian boy, has a strange problem — he was born with half a twin attached to him that continuously grows from his chest. It’s hard to explain, so check the video for more information about this biological oddity.

Thankfully, a team of Bangalore surgeons was able to successfully able to remove the half-twin. Shocking and inspiring at the same time, this video will surely brighten your day.

Whether you’re looking for fistfights, shouting, or bizarre and humorous stories, you’ll definitely get your fill at WorldStarHipHop.


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