Top 3 Ways To Save Money In Your Home

In the current economic climate we are always looking at ways in which we can save some pennies. That said many of us still live our lives as though energy costs nothing. In the house the main costs (apart from the mortgage) are the dreaded bills. Gas, water and electricity all cost a fortune for what you receive but then again you can’t really live without them.

There are a variety of ways in which you can save a lot of money on bills and many of them are very simple and just involve a little common sense. We are all wasteful, it’s just a trait in the human being – none of us mean to do it but everyone just kind of does.

Whether it be leaving the tap running when brushing our teeth or leaving lights on during they day, it costs and it can certainly be avoided. This article will highlight the three best ways to conserve energy and thus money in your home.

Treat things like you Pay for them

Energy savingEnergy costs, energy costs, one final time, energy costs. Drill this into your brain; you are paying for what you use. Every time you put a light on, it costs – every time you turn the TV on, it costs. I’m not saying don’t use the TV or you should live in darkness, I am merely suggesting you be aware that it does cost money.

If we all change our mindset with regards to energy then conserving it won’t be such a hassle for us all. Once you start seeing your bills and they are much lower than they were you will be thankful – believe me. It’s not at all difficult to do either and it costs nothing.

Turn the taps off during tooth brushing, flush the toilet less, shower for a limited amount of time. While you may sacrifice 5% cleanliness you can buy more deodorant with the money you save. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship people.

Imagine Living in a Dessert

While the supply of water in the UK is constant, around the world it certainly isn’t. Again its unreasonable to compare our lives to those in countries without running water but it helps put our wastage into perspective.

Just use what you need, only put a certain amount in the kettle and again make sure you turn the taps off when you are washing up or brushing your teeth! If you become really interested in conserving once you start there are other ways (that cost a little) that can also help.

The Agua Flux store sells low pressure shower heads and valves that reduce wastage when you shower.This is an extremely cost effective measure and will save you a fortune on your yearly water bill! Check it out if you want to properly go for it.

Enjoy it

My brief and final piece of advice is to enjoy saving. You are helping the environment and helping yourself! Noticing the reward at the end of every few months will be great and a guarantee you once you start noticing the results you won’t ever want to stop.

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Andrew is an author who really cares for the environment. He writes extensively about ways in which we can help protect it.

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