Iconic Personalities And Their Favorite Alcoholic Drinks


Here are some of the drinks that are favorite of some iconic personalities:

Madeira –Favorite of Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin will always be remembered as a scientist, a printer, a philosopher, an inventor, a musician, a statesman and an economist. Today he is honored as founding father of America. If he talk about his favorite drink then he always like had Madeira which is an oxidized and fortified wine.

Mojito- Favorite of Ernest Hemingway

If we talk about Ernest Hemingway then he was like men’s man and it will immediately comes to everyone’s mind that he would like to have something like whisky. But it’s not like that. He liked to dink rum and mint. One of his favorite drinks was Mojito which he usually liked to drink.

Gin Rickey – Favorite of F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was a very famous and great writer. His low tolerance and tendency of waywardness made his reputation like a prankster. When he disclosed his love for a drink named as Gin Rickey then his friends were perhaps left biting their tongue. He had never made a secret of his love with drinking habit. Gin Rickey was the favorite drink of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Screwdriver– Favorite of Truman Capote

Truman Capote was a famous American Author and a simple cocktail drink that has always been associated with him is Screwdriver. This drink was simply known to Capote as “my orange drink”. If you searching his genre of writing then you just need to sit back, pour six ounces of orange juice and ounce and a half of vodka for yourself. This is the same way he always liked to had whenever he started to write something.


Margarita- Favorite of Jack Kerouac

If anyone has the capability to consume as much margarita as Jack Kerouac then he will gain the title of “Hot Mess”. He loved this drink a lot and his wording about drinking was” don’t drink to get drunk, drink to enjoy life”. But at the age of just 47 he was died because of liver cirrhosis. Today Margarita is favorite of many people all around the world.

Scotch- Favorite of Humphrey Bogart

There is a line that was said by Humphrey Bogart “I should have never switched from scotch to martinis”. This shows his love towards Scotch and this was the only secret that kept him healthy always. He only liked to drink scotch. During the shooting of the movie African Queen, all the cast members except Humphrey Bogart and John Hutson, had caught dysentery. May be it was because of their diet in which canned vegetables and scotch was included.

Bud Light- Favorite of President Barack Obama

Barack Obama usually likes to drink Bud Light especially at the time of meeting. Bud light, however, is the best selling beer in the United States. All the beers in White House never come from American companies. Bud Light is also owned by a Belgian Company.

Martini- Favorite of James Bond

Obviously James Bond is not a real character but in his newest movie he had a glass of martini which he shaken in a style manner. On the other a real person never like to order a shaken martini except James Bond.

Adam Taylor is an experienced blogger who loves to write articles on various vodka recipes.

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