Software That Can Help You Sing Like A Star


Do you ever picture yourself getting on stage and singing in front of a crowd, and being very good at it?  Everyone wants to be able to sing like the stars, and now software has been developed to help you achieve your goal no matter what kind of voice you may have.

Before you begin trying the software out, there are a few things you may want to know pertaining to the voice itself.

What controls the pitch of your voice?

The pitch of your voice is controlled by your diaphragm, abdominal muscles, the larynx and even your neck muscles!  The voice is also a result of how we hear sounds.  Different sounds travel through our body in a different way than sounds that are in the air.  For instance, sounds reach our ears through bones, tendons and muscles, which are different from the way sound travels through the air, which is the main reason why we often don’t recognize our voices over such things as answering machines or in video.

To have a strong and powerful voice, you must first work on strengthening your diaphragm muscles and abdominal muscles.  This is what gives good air flow to be able to hit the different notes without running out of breath.

Vocal chords also produce the air vibration in the voice and the resonance of this vibration travels through the mouth and nose enabling the configuration of changing the sounds of the voice.

Being able to control your voice can be done, it takes a lot of repetitious effort on your part to sync your voice the way you want it to sound.

Is voice training software useful to anyone?

Yes!  Whether you want to just feel  more comfortable singing in church, or doing karaoke with your friends, or even if you want to try out for American Idol, voice training software can be useful for any purpose!

How does the voice training software work?

The software will analyze your voice to see what pitch your voice is.  It then displays this information via the computer screen in front of a scale similar to the piano.  The software is able to show your voice rhythm on the notes to show the user if they are hitting the notes correctly, and if your singing voice is clear and concise.

With your voice rhythm shown on the scale, the software will give you an immediate display of how your vocal pitch relates to the written music as well as on the keyboard.

What is needed to operate this type of software?

Three things are needed to get you on your way to a great performing great music!  First, the software is compatible with Windows operating system with at least Pentium 2, a soundcard and a microphone.

With this newly developed software, muscle strengthening and repetition, anyone can learn to be an outstanding singer, making even the professionals envy you.  And, at the end of the session on the software, you will even get a rating as to how well your progress is.

Cindi has devoted much of her writing to support software cooperatives like Rocket Software, Inc.  She also works full time in Mercy Hospital, Springfield MO, and loves being a mom.

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