How To Pull Off Wearing A Scarf In The Summer


With so many beautiful, colored and simply lovely scarves in stores this season, how could one resist not buying a few and wondering how to pull off a great look in summer? Scarves are wonderful accessories, probably the world’s favorite.

They also come in a wide array of very light, often transparent fabrics, which are obviously not design for the chilly winter weather, however certain sub-cultures have given them a bad name. The question most people ask is can you wear one in summer without looking like a hipster?

How To Pick Your Style Carefully

Scarves don’t exist for the sole purpose of covering the neck area and protecting it from exposure to cold or wind. Therefore, if you want to accessorize your warm day outfits with one, know that you have great freedom in choosing such item. The most important aspect is matching it to your summer wardrobe and you may want to browse through wholesale scarves stores online. These sites typically stock a wide array of scarves, from the classic types that have passed the test of time to the latest and hottest trends.

A good tip from a fashionista: pick one in a complimentary color for summer or, if your outfits are usually in neutral colors, go for a splash of brightness. For example, if you tend to wear ivory frequently, pick a bright red scarf. Bold and bright colors are absolutely recommended for the hot season, as long as the fabric is light enough.

The Breezy Effect

An alluring woman knows that a scarf worn in summer is excellent for enhancing her femininity but you have to look for that breezy effect. You can easily wear a scarf that is sheer and that would easily float in the wind. It would work well especially when your summer clothes are not that breezy – for example if you wear tight skinny jeans and blouses. Look for the silky types: transparent and lightweight scarves to wrap lightly around your neck or shoulders, or simply let loose on your chest.

Cotton is ideal, because it can keep you cool. In addition, linen is another excellent fabric that lets the skin breathe. These are cheap to buy, but if you are looking for a luxury item, choose silk or organic hemp, which is one popular green alternative.

No Restrictions On Color Or Style

Although summer colors like red, hot pink, orange and yellow are the ones to go for usually, you have many more choices for summer scarves than you imagine. Emerald green, teal and bright blue are hot picks for this season. If you can’t decide for one solid color, you may purchase a patterned scarf to contain a nice assortment of shades or hues.

If you don’t have the time to look for tutorials, you can just take a look at how these items are presented in the wholesale scarves stores you visit and these will often give you great ideas. Tie a small scarf in a knot like a sailor does, and leave a big long one hang loose around your neck. You may even let a loop reach your chest or just put the scarf around the back of your neck without folding it, leaving its two sides fall in front. How about simply folding it once over a shoulder or tying it around your head? Since there are no restrictions imposed by the cold weather, you can try many styles – there are more creative ways to wear a scarf in summer than in winter.

Lauren Michaels is dedicated to helping women show off their favorite scarf fashion during the summer months.

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