How Potential Employers Can Use Google To Research You


Use of the Internet by Potential Employers

With the increase of use of the Internet by businesses, the process of recruitment of employees has expanded from local print listings and traditional processes to the much faster and efficient Internet search. Any potential employer worth his salt has realized the value of conducting a thorough research to find out what type of person he or she employing. This research, usually done through Google encompasses many aspects of the potential employee that the employer is interested in. This employee aspects or traits vary from one employer to the other depending on the type of job he or she is recruiting for. The employer who is mostly a human resource manager might simply want to know what is the perspective of the employees in the field upon which he is recruiting for. The potential employer may also want to know more specific things about a certain individual who is a potential employee. The employer may for instance want to know your views and opinions about the industry you work in, the employer may want to get an idea of your work ethic, The employer might even want to research your social connections and past work relations for potential warning signs that may lead to qualification from consideration. All this research in its depths and breaths is done with Google search yielding different results as explained in the following paragraphs.

A typical employee research by a Business starts by typing the employees name in the search engine box to see what it will yield. For clever potential employees with a bit of knowledge about search engines optimization, a personal website will probably pop up on the top results. This is a way for individual to market themselves as professionals above all while giving a good first impression to the potential Employer.

The next step for the employer is to search for professionals in a certain locality in which the potential employee is from. The potential employer is trying to get a picture of how well known you ARE known as an expert in your field in your current locality. This search may expand to a wider area to gauge your credibility among the community you are in.

The research then proceeds to very popular business networking sites such as linked in, and the like. Here, the employer gauges your on line visibility, who recommends you for a certain skill set and what is your clout among fellow colleagues in your field of expertise.
A Google search is also done on your email address, and potential pseudonyms or nicknames, to see what sites it will yield. Depending on how you have set up you social networking accounts such as Facebook and twitter an analysis of your social connections may be done to get a picture of who you are and what your work related opinions are.

Research also done by searching keywords on an employees CV. This may yield an on-line CV that may be used to check consistency between the one presented to the employer and the one posted on-line.

A Google search is finally done on the job posting itself, if the company had advertised a job opening. Comments, and other digital data might be traced to the potential employee t gauge his or her commitment to the job.

This are not all Google research methods but they are the main ones.

Dean is an employment expert from the UK and owner of Mile High Jobs.

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