How Mad Men Made Vintage Fashion Mainstream


The television show “Mad Men” has not only launched the career of actress Christina Hendricks, but it also has ignited a mainstream interest in vintage fashion. The television show is about the male-oriented advertising world of years past, but the fashions have proven timeless. Thankfully, the chauvinistic attitudes of the era have faded, but the fashions are still as striking as ever. The fashions grandmother’s wore when they are young are now eagerly snatched up by their granddaughters. A lot of people may not know the story lines of Mad Men, but they recognize the visual iconography and the vintage wardrobes that attire the actors. Mad Men ingeniously evoked the era with historical authenticity, which is a big reason the fashion has become so popular, because it captured people’s imaginations.

What makes this trend so appealing is that it’s not out of anybody’s price range. It only takes some imagination and some exploration to be able to emulate these styles at vintage stores. For those lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, stores that carry vintage styles are everywhere. Many of these thrift stores contain hidden gems, lovely fashion finds for under thirty dollars can be found everywhere. In fact, big name fashion designers actually frequent these shops to find inspiration for their own fashion lines. Wearing beautiful and imaginative outfits are available to anyone in Los Angeles who wishes to focus on their wardrobe. Celebrities are often seen shopping vintage shops looking for their latest clothing.

Vintage fashions of the past have a romantic and dramatic flair that appeal to people of all generations. They also have a story filled with mystery that makes vintage shopping such an enjoyable experience for the buyer. Clothing was also more detailed in the past, and discovering these exquisite items from the past is what every vintage enthusiast hopes to find. There seem to be an endless amount of vintage stores in Los Angeles, so the sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching the perfect vintage-inspired outfit. These clothes are also appropriate for every age, from the young fashionista who wants to vary her style, to the older woman who actually has these styles in her closet from when they first came out.

But not everyone can wear vintage fashion without looking like a crazy bag lady. Curating is the key to pulling together an outfit. Mix modern and vintage styles together to create a look that’s best for you. For example, wear jeans and a white t -shirt, but embellish with a detailed vintage belt or clutch. The outfits shouldn’t be too over-the-top (unless that’s what you really want), but should work harmoniously together without clashing. You don’t want to look like you’ve just stepped off the Mad Men set unless you’re going to Mad Men themed party. But there are endless ways to mix and match vintage fashion, which is what makes wearing it so fun.

At the heart of this revival of vintage fashion is a wistfulness for a bygone era, when life seemed simpler and even more innocent. Donning clothes reminiscent of the era, allows the wearer to indulge in exploring the past.

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One thought on “How Mad Men Made Vintage Fashion Mainstream

  1. I don’t think that I have ever managed to watch an episode of Mad Men without commenting on how much I love the clothes. I want to raid the wardrobe department!

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