5 Vitamins That Increase The Female Sex Drive


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When “Not now” is more common than “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in response to sex, low libido could be the cause. While it is hard for some women to admit their suffering, they are not alone. Low libido affects up to 50 percent of all women.

Sex should be exciting for women instead of something they dread. It should improve their health and make their lives better. Many women want this, but their diminishing sex drive messes with their desire.

Luckily, a lost sex drive is not gone forever, and women do not have to go to extremes to get it back. There are many natural ways to increase libido, including vitamins and other nutrients.

What Causes Low Libido?
Before women can treat low libido with vitamins, they must understand why they lack sexual interest. Knowledge is power, and it can give women a better idea of how to boost their sexual desire.

Negative emotions are the biggest libido killer for pre-menopausal women. Because the female sex drive is multi-dimensional, anxiety and depression can have a profound impact on libido. Emotions can change female hormone production, causing vaginal dryness and anorgasmia. For some women, antidepressants are the best solution.

In menopausal women, diminishing hormone levels are the biggest culprit to low libido. Estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone play important roles in the female sex drive. According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, hormone replacement therapy can help.

Female Libido Vitamins
Based on what causes a low sex drive, antidepressants and hormone therapies can be very effective. Unfortunately, they can cause unwanted side effects. Some antidepressant drugs actually worsen libido problems. Hormone therapies can increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Because of these side effects, many women turn to natural treatments for anxiety, depression and hormone regulation. Some of the vitamins found in foods and supplements can address these issues and increase the female sex drive. Here are five essential vitamins.

Vitamin E — Vitamin E is known as the “skin vitamin” and the “lubricating vitamin.” Women can use during sex in place of commercial lubricants. Even when they are not having sex, they can use vitamin E gel to lubricate vaginal tissue and increase sensitivity.

Vitamin C — Vitamin C is called the “miracle vitamin.” It is a powerful antioxidant that fights illness and promotes health. Good overall health is essential for a healthy sex life. The vitamin’s mood-enhancing properties may increase sexual desire.

Vitamin B-6 — Vitamin B-6 is part of the B-complex. It interacts with other B vitamins to support health. Older women may wish to supplement their diets with this vitamin it can reduce the dramatic hormone shifts associated with menopause.

Vitamin B-3 — Vitamin B-3, also called niacin, is another B-complex vitamin. Women who are deficient in this vitamin may experience problems achieving orgasm. Niacin aids in the production of sex hormones. It also improves blood flow, which may increase sexual arousal and pleasure.

Vitamin B-2 — Vitamin B-2 is also called riboflavin. It is recommended for women who experience vaginal dryness. Riboflavin restores natural lubrication in all parts of the body.

Female enhancement supplements often contain these vitamins, along with herbs and minerals that support sexual health. L-arginine, an amino acid, works with the vitamins and other ingredients to increase sexual desire and function.

Lyndsay Stafford is a dedicated health and wellness researcher and author. With over 9 years of experience Lyndsay has made it her mission to discover natural solutions that can improve the lives of other people. When Lyndsay is not researching health related products such as female libido vitamins, she enjoys to grow organic fruits and vegetables with her husband.

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