Hot Hair Looks For Summer

The summer season is anticipated by nearly everyone. Warm weather, sunshine, days on the beach, limited clothing, no more school, and late nights out on the town – what’s not to like? It’s also the perfect opportunity for everyone to get dressed up, buy new outfits to show off that bod they worked on for their New Year’s resolution, and treat themselves to a new look. While men will find themselves wanting to buzz off their locks to keep cool, women everywhere will be highlighting, dying, chopping, styling, and adorning their hair with flowers, turbands, clips, and ties as a means to stay summer classy.  The summer heat can be a tough enemy to beat for women who want to keep their longer locks. Never fear though, there are some new hair trends for summer 2013 that will keep you cool and looking beach babe worthy.

The Knot

A big trend this year is the art of “tying” your hair into a knot-like design. This knot sits on the back of your head just like a bun would, but with a bit more flare and class. Gone are the days of the librarian look! Simply pull all of your hair back into a classic ponytail at the nape, and wrap the tail into any knot that you desire. You can loop your hair so that the ends point up or down, or get extra creative and try the double knot look! This is a simple and classy look for an after-beach excursion or a sweaty summer night out.


Some things never go out of style, no matter how old someone is. Braids are simple, fun, and diverse! They are a great way of keeping your hair together on those hot nights, and make for a different and fun look. They can be crisscrossed, wrapped around the head in a headband-like fashion, long, short, done as pigtails, done with only a few sections of hair, or the entire head! Keep them messy, or make them tight. Wear them up, or wear them down. The eclectic nature of the braid guarantees that it will never go out of style, and will make for many different summer fun looks!


A little something extra can really make your hairstyle pop! Styling your hair in whatever fashion you desire and then adorning it with a summer-friendly accessory gives the illusion that you put a ton of time and effort into looking fancy. There are many options when it comes to bedazzling your hair. Clip in flowers are very summertime friendly and offer a classic and sweet look. The newer, trendier turband is a great way to keep hair out of your face and offers a lovely bohemian and exotic look. Shimmering clips add a touch of elegance in keeping those side swept bangs at bay, and a headband is classic, flirty, and simple. The options for hair decorations are limitless! Get creative!

The Wave

Want a hairstyle that looks as if you put effort into it, but has a “messy” charm? Waves are the answer for you! These free flowing, beach bum, rock star locks are easily achieved but look as though you have a case of “sexy and messy” hair. Sitting in one place with a curling iron, or blow dryer and round brush is time consuming, and hot! In a season where it’s already unbearably warm, the last thing you want to do is put your face near a blow dryer for almost an hour. The trick to easy waves is all in another classic look…the bun! After washing your hair, apply some curl boosting mouse or other product to it. Finger through the hair, and “crimp” up the ends a bit. Wrap your hair up in a bun and secure it with some bobbie pins. Apply hair spray, and allow the bun to set; AKA: dry. You can do this before bed if you wish. Once the hair is set, take out the bun, apply a little bit more curl boosting product, finger out the waves, and spirits on a little more hold spray. You’re left with sexy, messy waves and all it took was putting your hair up!

The look you choose for your locks this summer is up to you. Try out these trending fashions, and don’t be afraid to play around with other options! Remember that keeping it “messy” goes a long way in the heat, simple is acceptable, accessories can bring life to the simplest of looks, and waves aren’t as difficult as they seem! Go ahead, let your hair down and enjoy yourself this summer!


Ashely is a recent college graduate with a degree in fashion. She enjoys writing about anything fashion related. To see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985.

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