5 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues


We have all woken up on a Monday morning and wanted to put our heads straight back under the duvet, but unfortunately we do not all have the pleasure of going back to sleep again. Here are a few ways you could beat the Monday blues to help you get through the worst day of the week.


Rather than getting your head down as soon as you get into work on a Monday, spend a little time having a catch up with your colleagues. This doesn’t mean nattering the morning away, but a nice chat with someone over a cup of tea can perk up your mood. Some people even find that starting Monday with some socializing means that they feel more productive for the rest of the day. And not only will you improve your own frame of mind, but your fellow employees may also enjoy a mood boost at the same time.

Organize your clutter

After the excesses of the previous weekend, you can be left feeling unmotivated and sluggish on a Monday. One easy way to kick the blues is to get your desk or your workspace organized. A simple bit of housekeeping will get your energy levels rising and your motivation increasing. Start with clearing out your old paperwork that has been hanging around for months. If your employer uses a document storage service you could archive any important information so that you do not lose it. Offsite data storage companies usually offer shredding services for those confidential pieces of paper. And don’t forget to polish your desk afterwards- the smell will perk you up for the afternoon!

Spend time with a pet

Plenty of research has shown that stroking a pet can bring your anxiety and stress levels down and improve your mood. So what better time to give your cat, dog or rabbit a cuddle than on a Monday when you are feeling low? If you are not lucky enough to have your own animal to cheer you up, then see if you can borrow one from a family member or friend!

Make a to-do list

To-do lists a fantastic way to get you on the right track again on a Monday morning. When you get into the office, write down everything you want to achieve that week in order of priority. You can even add things that you have already completed just to tick them off and get you started! Then, work your way down that list absolutely methodically. Once you have reached the end of your week and crossed all your tasks off, keep your list so that you can look at it again the following Monday. This will inspire you to make your next week equally as productive, helping you to eliminate those dastardly blues.

Guilty pleasures

We all need to indulge in guilty pleasures sometimes, and Monday may be the best time of the week to do so. Whether you eat a bar of chocolate that your diet does not normally allow, research a holiday for the following year, or buy something little online, make the most of your Monday lunch hour and watch your mood improve that afternoon. If you are low on money and trying to budget, your treat could be as simple as painting your nails a vibrant color or watching your favorite TV program on the computer.

Author Byline:

Chloe enjoys writing, and currently works as a writer. One day, Chloe would like to have her own novel published which she is working on in her free time

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