3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Using Video Marketing

If you have a business that already has a good online presence, including social media accounts and a strong website, you may be wondering what else you can do to further leverage the benefits of online marketing. The next logical step for a business in this kind of position is to introduce some video into the mix. Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach people and promote brands on the web, and it can offer some really strong benefits to a business that already has a good presence to use to promote their videos. Here’s why you should begin incorporating video into your strategies:

Videos Promote Trust and Engagement

People tend to find information presented to them in the form of a video featuring real products and people far more trustworthy than information that they read. There are lots of product reviews on the web that have been written by professional writers who have never tried the products they are talking about, paid for by the people who are marketing the product. People are wise to the kind of things that are done to market things online and won’t trust every review they read, however if they see a video where someone shows that they have got the product and are prepared to show their face as they endorse it, this inspires trust. People are more likely to buy off the back of one video than any form of text review or sales letter.

Videos Boost Your SEO

Adding videos to sites has been shown time and again to have a positive influence of search engine rankings and traffic. Your videos can be searched by popular search engines that no other type of content can, like YouTube’s own engine, giving you access to a whole new audience. Videos also tend to generate more inbound links than text or static image content, and this also boosts how Google sees your site – more links in indicates a more popular and trustworthy site.

Videos Help You Establish Your Brand

When you are doing things right, your brand should be based on more than just your products and superficial branding elements like your logo and corporate color scheme. Instead, your brand should have a lot to do with the people who founded and make up the company. Of course, the ‘About Us’ pages on websites that profile staff tend not to be among the most visited content on a company’s site, so it can be hard to give customers, clients or prospects a good sense of who you are and what you stand for. With a video, the people can be put front and center for viewers to see and connect with, without them being the actual subject of the content. Certainly, the viewer may not think they care who your marketing manager is, but if he or she is a strong character who really represents the vision you have for the company, having him or her introducing your new product in a video is a great way to bring their energy and charisma into your brand identity.

These are just three of the reasons why video marketing offers significant benefits to companies who are looking for new ways to reach new audiences and expand their brand impact.

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Leo Roach, the author of this guest post, is a web marketing expert and a freelance blogger. He has been working in this industry for quite a while now, and has gained a lot of experience in the field. He likes to play chess in his free time.

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