How To Take Professional Profile Pictures


If you use online platforms as a freelancer or a professional then your profile picture is a really important part of a successful online presence. Profile pictures are often something that get the first glimpse and thus can help you to get noticed. If you have a great and attractive profile picture then you can make sure that people continue to read your profile and website further on. Here are the best tips for getting a great profile picture.

Get A Quality Picture

The most important thing is that whatever the picture is, it is a great quality picture. You don’t need a high-end professional camera to get a good quality picture. Most cameras these days can take brilliant pictures as long as you know how to use them. If you feel like you don’t have good enough camera available ask around from your friends. You can also get a professional to take the picture; you can probably find great local deals that won’t cost a fortune.

Make It Fresh But Keep It Simple

You should try to make the picture bring out some of your personality to anyone looking at it. Use your favorite colors on the shirt for instance or add some small touches to the profile picture through editing. Don’t make it too complicated and remember to keep your face recognizable. Make sure that the background is neutral and doesn’t take all the attention away from you.

 Always remember to use a profile picture that makes you seem the most approachable. Take multiple pictures and ask your friends to give their opinion on which picture they prefer. We often see ourselves differently to other people and thus a second opinion won’t hurt. Whichever picture you choose to use remember it is important to smile.

Learn The Dimensions

 A lot of profile pictures out there don’t make proper use of the different dimensions and formats. Many different social media sites don’t always use the same format and dimension rules and thus learning these can be really important. So look into the specifics of the site that you are using and work with the picture according to their specifications.

Use A New Picture And Keep It Consistent

 Make sure that the picture you use is as recent as possible. This is especially important if you make business contacts online and then meet them in real life. It is best that people can trust that you will look as similar to the picture in real life as possible.

 If you use multiple platforms online you should also try to make sure that you have the same picture in these profiles, especially in all of your business profiles. An Enthuse online profile lets you use your Linkedin profile picture and keeping the image the same throughout your social networks can be really helpful. This makes recognition easier and can help people remember you better.

 Profile pictures are an essential part of getting you recognition online. Career Realism reports that social media profiles with pictures receive almost 70% more queries than profiles without a picture. Thus having a great profile picture can really help you on your online business ventures.

Cristen Bagley is a social media geek that wants to stay on top of everything involving networking and social media.

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